Andy Murray Statement About Covid-19- ‘We Want Our Normal Lives Back’

Andy Murray suggests that all upcoming tennis tournaments take some time to come into the normal condition when return after the Covid-19.

The men’s ATP and women’s WTA tours are suspended until at least July 13 due to the COVID-19 and strickly order by the WHO (World Health Organization) to avoid any public event.

In his statement about the Covid-19 he said,

“I’m sure all tennis players want to get back to competing and playing as soon as possible. But right now that is not the most important thing, Murray said on Tuesday.

“First of all, we want to get our normal lives back, just being able to go out, see friends, go to restaurants and have your normal freedoms.

“And then hopefully over time, things will start to allow for traveling and sport will be able to go back to normal as well. But I don’t see that happening very soon.”

The US Open and French Open both decide to set in August and September. Andy Murray said, “First we all need to find the way to get rid of this Covid-19 and back to the normal conditions of all sports events stopped due to this virus.

“Last 2 months people didn’t see any tennis match and I know how much they love to see the tennis grounds full of crowds and their favorite players in front of them.

“A lot of people want to watch sport again, so obviously the athletes and the players would love to be competing and lots of people love to watch sport because it’s entertaining and it’s something that lots and lots of people enjoy,”

Murry said, “When you don’t get to see it for a while, then people realize maybe how much they love playing it and how much they enjoy watching it. But just because it’s difficult to not have sport just now doesn’t mean that we have to speed things up… let’s just focus on getting our normal lives back first and hopefully all of the countries can sort out the virus properly.”


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