History of Australian Open Tennis Championship


Australian Open is a historic international tennis tournament played in Melbourne, Australia annually every January-February. The history states that it was started in 1905. It is the first tournament of the Grand Slam series of tennis, after this, the French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open are organized respectively. From the beginning, grass courts were used … Read more

Best Tennis Ball Machine to Buy in 2023

Best Tennis Ball Machines For All players

Practicing tennis with another player or instructor is an advantage without any doubt. However, having any of them available for long practice sessions is quite difficult. That’s why one has to end up with the best tennis ball machine, as it can sort out the problem. It eventually brings better practice coverage for long play … Read more

Best Junior Tennis Balls For All-Age kids 2023 | Buyer Guide

Junior tennis balls are different from standard balls. As they have different colors, materials, felt, specifically low bounce, and speed. Being a parent you should know these differences among these balls. Kids tennis balls are classified against different age groups, ranging from 5-8, 9-10, 11 & Up Years. Each age group has its own different … Read more

WTA Women’s Tennis Rankings 2023- Singles & Doubles


The tennis rankings are mostly merit & Gender-based and issued by respective institutions like ATP and WTA. The WTA (Women Tennis Association) is a competent institution to issue tennis rankings for the Women’s Singles and Doubles category. The men’s tennis ranking for the year 2022 is usually updated on Mondays of weak and issued by … Read more

ATP Men Tennis Rankings 2023


ATP Tennis Ranking 2022 is merit & Gender-based tennis rankings, and these are issued by concerned institutions. The Men’s latest ATP tennis rankings are issued by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). The Women’s latest tennis rankings of Singles and Doubles are issued by Women Tennis Association (WTA). In the following tables, WimbledonSport presents rankings … Read more

Tennis Court Types: A simple and Easy Guide

Tennis is a popular racquet sport all over the world which is played individually between two opponents (Singles) or in pairs on both sides of the net as opponents known as Doubles. It’s playing area is called a tennis court that has mainly four types. The tennis is played worldwide and attracts all age and … Read more

Best Platform Tennis Shoes For Men and Women 2023


Every tennis player is keen to have the best platform tennis accessories and especially when it’s about tennis shoes then everyone wants to know about the best and top-rated men’s and women’s tennis shoes. As it is the most needed accessory of the game.  Tennis involves a lot of footwork and requires frequent foot coordination, … Read more

French Open 2023 Dates/Schedule


Every tennis lover knows that the French Open 2022 was rescheduled due to the coronavirus virus pandemic. The administration has officially announced the day-to-day, and court-by-court schedule (Dates) of play for French Open 2022. WimbledonSport has made it easy to understand by mentioning previous dates(dates from which matches were rescheduled). Новий дизайн казино pin up … Read more