French Open 2020 Prize Money: How Much Each Player Will Get?

Complete Break down of Prize Money for French Open 2020

French Open which is the second event and only clay-court tournament of Grand Slam calendar was going to be held on Monday 18th May To 07th June 2020 Sunday as the last day of the tournament. But it was re-scheduled due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s now in the Grand Slam series of tennis.

CornaVirus Update about French Open 2020

The French Open [Roland Garros] 2020 has been re-scheduled to new dates. Now it’ll be played from Mon, 21 September to Sun, 11th October 2020.

French Open 2020 Rescheduled (New Dates)

FFT (The French Tennis Federation) the organizer of the tournament has yet to announce the official French Open prize money 2020. For a closer look and idea that what possibly could be the prize money is, the previous five years break down is given below along with the % age of increment.

This tournament will be played at Roland Garros Stadium (Stade Roland Garros ) which is actually the second name of French Open i.e. RG (Roland Garros) which is located in Paris, France.

The Total prize money of 2019 was € 42,661,000. In the last year how much a professional got from this tournament, a snippet, and complete breakdown.

Complete and Official French Open Schedule of Play 2020

Roland Garros administration has issued a complete schedule of play 2020 as court by court. We have added some useful tips for you to attend this event. Please check it if you intend to watch it at the stadium.

French Open Prize Money (Year Wise)

Last 10 years summary of in Dollars $ & Euros € is given below with estimated increment of french open 2020’s edittion.

YearTotal Prize MoneyTotal Prize Money in $% Increment
2011 €17,520,000 $19,065,176
18.7 Million Euro
$20,368,553 6. 84 %
2013 €22,000,000
22 Million Euros
$23,939,960 17. 53 %
2014 €25,018,900
25 Million Euros
$27,224,065 13.72 %
2015 €28,028,600
28 Million Euros
$30,499,040 12.03 %
2016 €32,017,500
32 Million Euros
$34,828,508 14.23 %
2017 €36,000,000
36 Million Euros
$39,159,720 12.44 %
2018 €39,197,000
39 Million Euros
$42,637,320 8. 88 %
42 Million Euros
$46,400,236 8. 84 %
2020Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
10-15% -expected
French Open Prize Money of Last 10 Years

The administration of French Open is increasing prize money packages for players gradually year by year. As with the passage of time the interest of peoples is also rising up in this historic tennis event especially in the last 10 years.

From 2012 to 2017 the prize money was increased by 10%. In the last three years the prize money package decrease 1 to 2% from the past french open events.

In the past, different prize money was announced for the men and women but when management noticed the keen interest of people for women matches, it has been fixed the same for both.

Before the start of every upcoming french open tournament, the prize money becomes a hot debate for all tennis players, news, and fans.

Another hot debate is about the prize money package for the players who knockout in the earlier rounds, which is more than fixed in the past tournaments of french open to increase the more interest of players for the next tournament.

Note:  Currency conversion prices are approximated on closing exchange rates on the Final date of tournament.

Here is the full breakdown of french open prize money in 2019.

Men’s & Women’s Singles (2019)

Gentlemen and Ladies Doubles (2019)

Gentlemen and Ladies Mixed Doubles (2019)

Wheelchair & Quad (2019)

Stay tuned for the latest updates of this event and about prize money break down, the latest score, news, gossips, and other event details.

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