History: Australian Open Tennis Championship


Australian Open is an International tennis tournament played in Melbourne, Australia annually in January-February, started in 1905. From beginning grass courts were used to play game which was discontinued later. It has prize money AUD $62,500,000 (62.5 Million).

An up-coming tennis tournament is Australian Open 2020 (AO20) from the beginning of new year 20 January- 02 February 2020. Games are played in different categories on gender & disability bases. It has following major categories

  1. Men’s Single & Men’s Double
  2. Women’s Single & Women’s Double
  3. Boys Singles & Boys Doubles
  4. Girls Single & Girls Double
  5. Men’s Wheel Chair Singles & Men’s Wheelchair Double
  6. Women’s Wheel Chair Singles & Women’s Wheelchair Double
  7. Men’s Quad Wheelchair Singles & Men’s Wheelchair Doubles.
  8. Mixed Doubles

Total 15 Categories are there in which players compete for trophy and prize money of course.


As discussed earlier It was started 1905 almost 115 years ago from today. Grass courts were used to play game up till 1987 and from 1988 to date hard courts are being used to play tournament. It was known as Australasian Championships and later in 1927 as Australian Championships. It has been played in different cities of Australia & New Zealand e.g. Adelaide, Brisbane, Christchurch, Hastings, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney. It was not declared a major championship until 1924 by International Lawn Tennis Federation (ILTF).

It was being played in different cities until 1972, the organizer committee decided to shift venue to Melbourne Park in 1988 after Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club up to 1972. Melbourne was selected because it got largest patronage of any Australian city.

Venue change proved to be a good decision as it captures lot more crowd and spectators in 1988 when it’s been shifted from grass court to blue hard courts with 266,436 crowd as compared to last year.


AusOpen was formerly known as Australian Championships. It’s being governed by Tennis Australia now. It was known as Lawn Tennis Association of Australia (LTAA).

Structure of Points in Australian Open


W= Winner


SF= Semi-finalist

QF = Quarter Finalist

Event 4R3R2R1R

4R= 4th Round

3R=3rd Round

2R= 2nd Round

1R = 1st Round


1R = 1st Round

Q3=3rd Quarter

Q2= 2nd Quarter

Q1 = 1st Quarter

Tennis Courts Details

In 1988 It was moved to Australia’s Melbourne Park which is going on till now. This tournament has major three courts in this park  Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Arena and Margaret Court Arena. (Give Pictures)

Rod Laver Arena was inaugurated in 11th January 1988 & renovated later in 1995. It has seating capacity of more or less 15000 (14820). Apart from tennis other games like Basket Balls and common wealth games are also played in this arena.

Rod Laver Arena

Melbourne Arena was inaugurated on 27th of July 2000 costs A$65 Million. It has seating capacity of 10500 with retractable roof. It does not host tennis games only but Basketball, Netball, Commonwealth games along with entertainment events also held here.

Melbourne Arena

Margaret Court Arena was opened on 1988 & renovated and expanded later in 2014. It has seating capacity of 7500 persons. It was renamed form Show court one to current name early 21st century 2003 paying attribute to most successful woman tennis player. It’s also has retractable roof covering crowd from weather conditions. Arena hosts many other events such as Basketball, netball and musical concerts etc.

Margaret Court Arena

Reward Of Winners (Prize Money)

As players play and won games after very congested & cumbersome struggle, that’s why the need to encourage by awarding them rewards in shape of prize money and trophies. Prize money is divided equally. It recognizes their struggle and hard work. Details are as under.

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