Novak Djokovic Tennis Racquet For 2024 Specs, History, & Brand

Novak Djokovic is well known Serbian tennis player playing professionally since 2003 as a teenager. He participated in many junior events and performed very well. The dominance of Novak Djokovic began to lift up when he won his first grand slam in 2008, and of course, his racquet is a key factor in his success.

After that Djokovic did not look back and in 2011 when he got ranked No. 4 and won a total of 10 titles including 3 Grand Slams of that year. He won $12.6 million prize money only in 2011. Later on every year he continued his efforts to get on top at No. 1.

By reading his wonderful success many tennis players want to know which racquet Novak Djokovic is using in his professional carrier. It might not be breaking news but when a player gets on top he is usually sponsored by brands to promote their products.

In 2022, Novak Djokovic’s sponsor of racquets is Head, he is using this racquet for the last 3 years.

In the following, we’ll share the specs(head size, length, weight, balance) its brand, price, history of new and old racquets, etc of Novak Djokovic’s actual racquet.

Novak Djokovic Endorsed Racquet Specifications

* Head – 100 Sq in
* Weight 11.6oz strung (11.1 unstrung)
* Pattern – 18×20
* Balance 6 head light
* Swingweight 328
* Strings – Head Hawk

Which one is the Actual Racquet of Novak Djokovic? Or It’s a Paint Job?

Before knowing about the real racquet of Novak, you should know a fact that might be interesting for you.

Professional tennis players have developed their strokes and playing style by investing a lot of time and hard work and don’t switch racquets often. Meanwhile, they have selected the best tennis racquet for themselves that fits them well. They tend to play with this racquet for a long time which gets old with time.

Tennis companies sponsor many professional tennis players and announce new models often. In order to boost sales company paint their old sponsored racquets of players to a look-alike the new edition and shows pros are using the same racquet, they are endorsing. The practice is called Paint Job.

In fact, companies retain their most successful racquets layup and produce new models based on the same with few modifications. Brands keep stock or keep producing older even discontinue models to supply players who endorse them.

Head is the current racquet sponsor of Novak Djokovic and it allowed him to tweak(mostly weight and balance) his racquet but genuine layup is the same.

What about racquet technology advancement?

There is no major development in technology in the last 20 years, and brands claiming improvements are false praise. Almost no professional player is playing with the racquet they are endorsing.

Racquet Specification of Novak Djokovic

The No. 1 tennis star is playing with customized Head PT113b which is the pro stock type mold of Ti/radical HEAD (not Liquidmetal Radical), which was released at the beginning of the new 21st century nearly in 1999-2008 era. The mold is the same as i. Radical MP (PT113A).

It is a look-alike of Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro or another professional stock racquet the Wilson H22 he used to play before Head partnered with him.

The price of Novak’s new endorsed Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro racquet on Amazon is US $240.


Spec NameValue
Siz of Head95 Square/Inc
Length27 Inches
WeightStrung = 359 gm Unstrung = 353 g Swing = 370
Strings Pattern18×19 
GripSIze = 4 38 | Type = 2 overgrips on the Head Calfskin
Strung Balance32.8 cm
StiffnessFlex 60 RA
Novak Djokovic’s Racquet Specifications Table


Grips: He is using a synthetic leather grip. Among two customized overgrips, the first is wrapped without overlapping and the top overgrip is normal. The wraps make it more rectangular and like  a4.

Balance: He wraps lead tape around the frame to change the balance and swing weight.
Strings: He uses Alu Power Rough strings 16L with 26-27 Kg and strings with a hybrid of Head natural Gut (gauge 16) in the mains and  Luxilon Big Banger in the crosses. The tension is high and suitable for more experienced players

What are the differences between HEAD Speed and Novak’s Real Racquet?

If you examine closely the racquet of Nole, then you can find prominent differences easily. Novak’s fan has spotted some notable differences as follows

  • Head Shape is more oval but less than egg compared to his advertised racquet.
  • As discussed earlier, he uses a different mold.
  • The drill pattern is different.
  • Graphene Speed is easier to play with, new players can idealize it for themselves.

Use two Head overgrips (pallet TK57, grip size 3)

Novak’s Racquet History

Nole has not tried a lot of racquet brands but limits himself to Wilson and Head. When he got pro he used Head Liquidmetal Radical in 2003.

He switched to Wilson in 2005-2008, but Djokovic could not find his desired (even not customized) racquet. He used So he got back to Head and started with a new paint job of Head YouTek Speed Pro in Australian Open 2009.

After two years in 2011, he got Head YouTek IG Speed with (18×20) drill pattern paint job. Just after 2 more years, Djokovic got a new paint job to the Head Graphene Speed Pro series. He has continued with Head to win all 16 Majors (titles) from 2011-2020 with the Head.

He has used also used Wilson H22 with the paint job of N-Blade and K-Blade. Head Graphene XT Speed Pro and Head Liquidmetal Radical MP with the paint job of Speed Pro.

Should I use the same Tennis Racquet as Novak Djokovic?

It’s the question that a beginner, intermediate, and expert/professional tennis player asks himself, and the reason to write this article is the same. The answer is not simple. Which racquet should you use is based on several factors.

If you are a beginner player then you should go through the guidelines and recommendations on the best tennis racquet for beginners. When it comes to intermediate and professional players then it depends on the playing style he/she has developed with the time, weakness, and strengths they possessed.

Understand Tennis Racquet, How it is made?

Basically, there are two production factors that determine the racquet’s performance and quality.

Layup is a layer of different materials (carbon fiber, fiberglass/resin, or kevlar) that are stuffed/placed/put together while Mold is a setup/piece of equipment that forms a racquet frame. Frames are either hollow inside, filled, or have specific material at points X or Y. These features determine their performance. 

Mostly carbon fiber is used to manufacture rackets due to weight control features along with speed. 

How racket is manufactured?

It is not important to have the same racquet as Novak has, but you may seem a racquet fit that has specific strings, stiffness, grip size (or maybe overgrip/replacement grip), weight(strung & unstrung), etc. Mostly professional players with the same aggressive and baseliners may pick and find Djokovic’s racquet best for them.

Furthermore, after reading material qualities and features you can choose the best tennis racquet that suits you best according to expertise level and playing style keeping in mind the primary factors mentioned before.


In the overview, Novak Diokvic’s racquet is the best option to get for experienced and advanced players(as obvious). It has more control than power and gives more maneuverability and only pros can handle such a spin and maneuverability on the court. 

Further, every tennis geeks have their own preferences for themself at each stage of play.

Novak’s Endorsed Racquet  Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro might perform better for you and it might not. It all depends on your playing style and experience level. Some players found the sponsored racquet better for themselves and concluded that Novak’s actual racquet is not good for them.

What is your opinion?

We recommend taking both racquets, testing your performance on the court, and telling us in comments which racquet you found best and why.

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