Tennis Racket: Guide How to Select / Buy Best Racket?

Tennis racquet is the primary component for playing tennis along with the ball. It’s very helpful to have knowledge of racket to have a quality play. Before you can buy a racket some factors are important like Play Style and body shape you have.

It plays a very important role and if you can answer some questions before buying then you are almost ready to buy the racket you really need.

Beginner’s Tip

You can try different random rackets to check suitability for your grip, head size, length, and weight. Which suits you take & test more variety for an accurate estimate.

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We have recently published a comprehensive guide for beginners on how to choose the best racquet for a beginner?

Generally, Head Size/Frame Size, Length, Grip & Weight of racket are considered for choosing racket for yourself.


Generally, it’s believed that the width of the frame is directly linked to the power of racket to play ball, or simply

  • More width is more power
  • Less width is more control


  • More Frame width is more power.
  • Less Frame width is less power.
Narrow Wide Frame
Narrow & Wide Frame

Now what if you are a new player then it’s recommended to buy a large head racket, it’ll give you more power and control in game initially. If you are experienced or going to start the game after some time then you should buy a small head.

Mediocre Tip

Determine your play style and choose Power/Attacking/Aggressive or Defensive then choose racket accordingly.

Head Size (Sq. Inches)

CategorySize (Sq. Inches)
For Adults106-118
For Childern 


As obvious that weight is important and has a decisive factor in game and performance. Weight will affect the playing style of player both control and power. Mostly rackets range from 9-11 Ounces. Strings can add 30g to the weight of the racket.

 It’s can be summarized that

  • Heavier rackets have more power than lighter ones – Less than or Equal to 310g
  • Lighter rackets are easy to maneuver & control Greater than or Equal to 320g

Experienced players need light head rackets to have control of ball further it’ll absorb shocks easily as it has heavy grip/handle. Players generate their own power to play ball rather than racket’s.

It’s also a point of interest that when a player plays more singles, he needs to hit the ball through the net, requires more power with the heavy racket, and if he plays more doubles then he needs control, requires lighter racket.


Standard racket size is 27-29 Inches long for adult players. You can choose this length to play professionally as well. Before selecting a length It’s to be considered that Longer Rackets are difficult to control and have higher swing weight.

But it’s good to play groundstrokes and additional leverage serves. It’s of more concern when your playing style is controlled. Shorter Racket is easy to handle.

For junior players, different size are available according to age

Age Racket Length (Inches)
Struggling for Standard size court26″

Grip: Find Your Best Grip Size

Grip Size Measurement For Tennis Racquet/Racket Image
Grip Size Measurement For Tennis Racquet/Racket

Griping a racket is a primary skill to play tennis. The standard size of grip for adults ranges from 4 – 4 – 5/8  . One can also find its exact grip size by holding a scale from top ring finger to middle palm line. You may also determine it another way to

  • Hold any racket like you would while playing, slide index finger of the opposite hand between tips of fingers & palm-base. If it’s quite tight and not enough room then it’s small for you.
  • If you feel that enough room is there then it’s large for you.
  • While if you feel comfortable holding it and tip just touches the base of palm then it’s perfect for you.
  • Tip: If you’re in between the small & large sizes then small is good as you can adjust it by overlapping tapes etc.

Racket With & Without Strings

Strung and Unstrung Tennis Racquet

Tennis rackets are available with or without strings. It’ll affect the players performance. Usually, it’s better to buy a pre-strung racket for beginners and for entertainment. Rackets without strings can be customized with at the level someone is comfortable and usually experienced players do this and buy an unstrung racket.

Remember that strings quality and tension impacts your playing style directly. If you have your favorite racket then you may face any situation on the venue easily.

Best Racket For Beginner?

Wilson Hyper Hammer

Weight:        Light Weight 9-10 Oz (255-283 grams)

Length:         27” (inches)

Head:             106-118 Sq. Inches

Balance:       Heavy-Head, Balanced towards the top


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