Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic Who Will say Goodbye Tennis after Australian Open 2020?

Retirement of 3 tennis players after Australian Open 2020

Top ranked three tennis stars of the era, One of them will announce his retirement after the Australian Open 2020 Grand Slam season. The trio have dominated more than 15 years in tennis world, specially in last decade they have won 55 Grand Slams titles. Trio is currently in top 3 tennis ranking list of … Read more

History of US Open Tennis Championship: Simple and Brief

US Open tennis championship

The US Open or more commonly known as the flushing meadows tennis tournaments is one of the Grand Slam tournaments. It is played in New York City on the last of every year and the first time its history started in 1881. US open history states that In the first-year only US National Lawn Tennis … Read more