10 Best Tennis Racquets For Kids | Junior Players 2024 [Buyer Guide]

Parents are often confused when they want to choose a tennis racquet for their kid from a range of brands, and each brand claims they have the best kids racquets. It becomes a cumbersome task for parents.

If you are a parent/grandparent/relative and want to gift the best tennis racquet to your kid, then this simple and easy guide is for you to choose the best one from a line of junior racquets. 

Don’t have time to read the complete article, then here it’s our recommendations for the best kids tennis racquets 2022.

Best Tennis Racquets for Kids/Junior Players -Recommendations

Have a look at the contents of the best kids tennis rackets

Best Tennis Racquet for 2-5 Years Kids

Head Novak Junior Racquet

If you are looking for high quality at low cost then It’s the perfect racquet for 5-6 years kids. For low impact hits at the grip, unique DAMPPlus has been used for the ease and comfort of your kid. Weight is quite reasonable which makes it easy to handle.

Head Novak Junior Racket-Best Kids Tennis Racquet

As it’s named after legendary player Novak Djokovic, so the performance also matches the standard. The majority of parents are satisfied after having this racquet. It’s also available in other sizes including this i.e. 17,19, 21, 23 & 25.

  • Excellent to Start with
  • Good Quality Composition
  • Offers Good Swing
  • Light Weight and Firm Composition
  • Little Pricey
Head Size81 Sq. In
Weight (Unstrung)6.3 oz.
Length21 Inches
Grip Size3 ⅝ “

Street Tennis Racquet

The street tennis brand is producing quality racquets for the new generations quite for some time. This racquet is a piece of wonder designed to improve the game, especially strokes & contact with the ball. Polyester strings are strung to achieve this.

Street kids tennis racket-Best Kids Tennis Racquet

It has a special feature that is a smiley face printed on strings, which attracts the kids to get this item. When talking about material and construction, It has a solid and lightweight frame. Little champs can develop proper stroke mechanics and techniques.

It’s lightweight provides good control over hits and makes movement easy. That means improved ball contact, hand-eye coordination, and game performance.

  • Lightweight
  • Firm Structure
  • Improved Control
  • Easy Swing
  • Interactive Online Game is a Plus
  • Paint & low quality strings was issue in some items
  • Little Pricey

Best Tennis Racquet for 6-8 Years Kids

Babolat Nadal Junior

It’s a nice selection for a beginner kid at a reasonable price. It comes in three different sizes i.e.  21, 25, and 26 Inches. This is very convenient for parent to upgrade as many kids tends to play with the same racquet as they grow.

Its features are very similar to its adult version and are made up of an Aluminum frame and it comes with a cover.

Babolat kids tennis racket-Best Kids Tennis Racquet

Babolat has two series of as AeroPro (renamed as Pure Aero from 2016) Drive and Nadal Junior in this racquet with a slight difference. For a starting child, Nadal Junior is fine and If a kid has developed some experience then AeroPro is good.

  • Light Weight
  • Durable
  • Affordable Price
  • Amazing Control of Shots
  • Not a powerful racquet
  • Expensive
Head Size105 sq. in.
Weight8.6 oz.
Length26 Inches
Grip Size4″

Gamma Sports Junior

It’s ready to play racquet for your junior champion that weighs only 7.8 Ounces (strung), quite a handy article. It has been manufactured with the aim of fun and game. It gives good swing and control. A kid can play easily for a long during practice/learning sessions.

Gamma Sports kids tennis racket-Best Kids Tennis Racquet

Gamma is offering four sizes in this racquet that is 19, 21, 23, and 25 Inches. That means if it becomes a favorite of your child then he/she can adopt this racquet when grown up as well. Gamma is a long-lasting brand in the tennis world and has a good reputation in racquets technology.

  • Ready to Play
  • Light Weight
  • Long-Lasting Aluminum Composition
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Wrapped handle reduces short impacts
  • Wrapped Handle may not be good for some kids

Best Tennis Racquet for 9-10 Years Kids

Hello Kitty Sports Junior

If your little girl kid wants style and game in one racquet then it’s good to go. Its beauty is combined with pink and white colors with logo, which makes it fashionable stylish. Simply it’s perfect for your little girls to play the game

Hello kitty sports junior kids tennis racket-Best Kids Tennis Racquet

It has a wonderful grip when it’s for small hands, specially made for girls. A wonderful pearl pink paint and logo printed on the grip. It’s well-strung and produces an athletic sense in players from a very early age. Its length ranges from 19-25 Inches. It’s beautiful with durability.

  • Stylish & Durable
  • Quality Built
  • Purpose Built Design
  • Fancy look Grip
  • Some players may feel it Heavy
Head Size107 Sq. In
Weight (Unstrung)7.2 oz.
Length19 – 25 Inches
Grip Size3 ⅝ “

Wilson Burn Junior Black  [for Advance Junior]

This junior racquet is the alternate to Wilson’s best-selling adult version of the same and is good for somewhat advanced junior players or who are in-game quiet for some time. It’s the best kids tennis racquet that can lead the game to upward of your junior champion.

It can help junior to produce power from baseline which can make difference in-game. It’s available in different sizes and colors for a wide variety and choices. Size is written at the bottom of the head and the logo is printed inside the head.

Wilson Burn Junior Black kids tennis racket-Best Kids Tennis Racquet

The new and latest model of this series has been launched as Wilson Ultra Junior Tennis Racquet.

  • Aluminum Lightweight Frame
  • Durability
  • Good Maneuverability
  • Without Cover

*Below Specs Table is combined for both Pink and Black

Wilson Junior Burn Pink

If the kid has gained experience to handle the game and wants to change or upgrade the racquet. But wants to pick pink color excluding Hello Kitty[link], then Wilson Pink is good to go. It has all the same features as its counterpart Black has.

This racquet can boost the performance of kids like rocket-returns and high-speed serves. It’ll provide smooth hits, good swings, maneuverability. It has a quite good sweet spot that helps good ball-to-eye coordination.

Wilson Junior Pink Burn kids tennis racket-Best Kids Tennis Racquet
Head Size80, 90,95 Sq. In
Weight (Strung)6.2 – 7.90 oz.
Length19 – 25 Inches
String Pattern16×18 / 19

Best Tennis Racquet for 11-12 Years Kids

Head Speed Kids Tennis Racquet

Head has made speed with solid aluminum O-beam that makes racquet good to get into tennis for little champions. It has spin-oriented strings which are good for control.

Usually when kids try to get control chances are there for injury. But this edition makes it comfortable for the growing arms of kids without causing any injury.

Head Speed kids tennis racket-Best Kids Tennis Racquet

It’s a well-balanced racquet that offers stability, low vibrations, and headlight balance while kid hits the ball. Head has the 7.4 oz along with perfect grip size.

  • Low Vibrations
  • Good Stability
  • Spin hits rapidly
  • Solid Frame Structure
  • Little expensive
  • High Stiffness
Head Size107 Sq. In
Weight (Unstrung)7.4 oz.
Length19 – 25 Inches
Grip Size3 ⅝ “

Wilson US Open Junior

It’s a handy aluminum racquet for beginner players of age up to 5 years. It comes pre-strung which is helpful for parents and kids. The plus point is that it is available in 4 different vibrant colors and sizes. 

Majority of people who buy this racquet recommend it. A sizing chart is also available with this racquet which will guide the parents not only to choose the right racquet size but also the appropriate ball.

Wilson US Open Junior kids tennis racket-Best Kids Tennis Racquet

Talking about material everything is perfect whether it’s a frame, strings, the comfort of grip, or stiffness of racquet. Although it’s composed form aluminum and yet sturdy, which means kids can play long hours without any tiredness

  • Comfortable Grip
  • Affordable with Quality
  • Handy Racquet
  • Not too heavy
  • Without any Cover
  • Over grips needed for small hands
Head Size92-160  Sq. Inches
Weight (Strung)6.6 – 7.8 oz.
Length21, 23, 25 Inches
String Pattern16×18 / 19

Dunlop CX 200 Junior

It’s one of the premium quality racquets for kids. It’s good to go teenage juniors. Especially for those kids having some experience and who don’t want to switch to standard length. It has a graphite composition and open string pattern.

Dunlop CX 200 kids tennis racket-Best Kids Tennis Racquet

It’ll take your kid to next level of performance, thus making it the choice of a junior player from 10-12 years favorite.

  • Premium Quality Racquet
  • Comes Pre-strung
  • Solid Frame Structure
  • Weight is reasonable
  • Expensive
Head Size  100 sq” (645.2 sq cm)
Weight 9.2 oz (261g)
Length 26 in (66 cm)
Composition Graphite
Strings Pattern 16×19

How To Select Junior Tennis Racquet

How To Select Junior Tennis Racquet

Below is the complete guide for Parents, Grandparents, Relatives and Friends

Importance of Choosing Right Tennis Racquet

You must rightfully know that choosing the right tennis racquet is critically important for your kid. It develops better technique, racquet control, and smooth strokes with good weight transfer.

It will also ensure long hours of play without tiring. An extremely important factor is to avoid any injury at this early stage. Being a parent you are sensitive and know how important is it.

If you select a kid’s tennis racquet considering these factors and guides, it will add the comfort of play while keeping your choice cost-effective and durable.

When a Kid Should Start Playing Tennis?

Four factors to consider

  1. Age
  2. Interest
  3. Eye to Ball Coordination
  4. Proper Equipment

It’s would be perfect to consider the age along with the interest of your child in the tennis game. The goal should be fun and learning for a kid. If you think your child has interest more than your expectation or you are planning for a pro carrier for your child, then it’s good to start around the age of 4-5 years, with 5-6 years recommended.

When a kid should start playing tennis-Best Kids Tennis Racquet

In less than 5 years, kiddo can’t hold intention much, so let them have tennis awareness naturally.

It does not mean above this limit kid should not pick up a racquet, you may start it later as Roger Federer did. He was 8 years old when he picked up a racquet. Proper tennis equipment is a huge advantage for little learners to develop an interest in game-like good size racquet, suitable tennis ball with ball machine.

How to Choose the Right Tennis Racquet Size for Kids?

Choosing the right length racquet is most important for kids, as it’ll surely reduce effort, stress, and injury chances during the game. For this purpose, you have to understand what a junior racquet is.

Choose right kids tennis racquet size-Best Kids Tennis Racquet


Keep in mind that kids’ racquet size usually means the length of the racquet. Junior racquet basically varies specifically upon two factors i.e. Head size and length.

Length: It varies from the smallest 19, 21, 23, 25 to 26 inches max.

Head Size: It’s shorter than the normal/adult racquet.

Health Tip

Racquet size should be moderate, as if it’s too short, kid can’t extend arm properly to hit ball over net, causes extra wrist & elbow-work. It can harm strokes and arm for long term. If the racquet is too long it’s unhandy, makes difficult to manage.

A useful health tip while choosing tennis racquet

Kids/Junior Racquet Size Chart

AgeHeight (Inches)Size Ball Type*
4 years or less40 Inches & less19 Inches or less Red (stage 3)
4-5 years40-44 Inches21 Inches Red (stage 3)
6- 8 years45-49 Inches23 Inches Red (stage 3)
9-10 years50-55 Inches25 Inches Orange (stage 2)
10-12 years55 + Inches26 Green (stage 1)

* Ball Type: Why there are different ball colors for kids/Juniors?

  • Red ball has low bounce and travels slower than orange.
  • Orange ball has low bounce and travels slower than a standard yellow ball.
  • Standard yellow ball commonly referred to as Green ball.

Racquet Size for 13 Years Old Kid

For 13 years and plus old child should play with standard green (stage 1) / yellow ball & standard racquet starting 27.

Simple Test to Measure Kid Tennis Racquet Length

Here is a simple and quick and handy test to measure the length of tennis racquet for kids/juniors. 

test for kids tennis racquet length-Best Kids Tennis Racquet
Measure Tennis Racquet Size for Kids
  • Stand your child along with the racquet Up (straight against a wall is a good position).
  • Grip racquet normally with palm, having Head down to the floor and handle’s bottom Upward.
  • If head tip does not touch floor, remains inches above like hanging then it’s too short.
  • Whereas if head tip touches, like dragging/lying on the floor then it’s too long.
  • If the tip of the racquet head touches the floor normally then it’s perfect.
Tennis Racquet Size for Kids By USTA

Remember, it’s not kind of strict rules but recommendations, you may adjust slightly wherever kid feels comfortable.

Grip Size

There are not a lot of grip sizes for juniors/kids to choose the best grip size for kids/juniors. Mostly 4 Inches grip size is manufactured by brands with some variation of 4-⅛”. While 4 Inches usually fits most of the kids.

Kids tennis racquet Grip size-Best Kids Tennis Racquet

If your junior champ is struggling to grip racquet, then it’s large, you may have to alter it. As it’s difficult to reduce the large grip size, so check for a local instructor or tennis shop as they have a good piece of advice for this.

If you want to know how to measure the grip size of your kid then you can check this.

Best Brand for kids tennis Racquet

kids tennis racquets brands-Best Kids Tennis Racquet

There are certain brands available in the market, like Babolat, Prince, Head, Yonex, Wilson, Dunlop, Volkl. Each of them has kids range with Juniors post fixed.

Initially, it’s not important for any age player to select a specific racquet. It’s recommended that you choose any local or international brand to play with. As time goes on try a variety of brands and see if a child prefers any specific choice.

Being a parent you may check whether either is there any difference in performance or not? If you see improvement then carry on with it, otherwise consider changing.

The Material & Weight of Kids Racquet

You might wonder what kind of material is used to manufacture the frame, grip, and strings? For kids racquet, parents should focus on material only. That’s way to get to know, how durable a kid racquet is?

material and weight of kids tennis racquet-Best Kids Tennis Racquet

Mostly all racquets are made from Aluminum & Graphite. Both materials are lightweight and affordable. Aluminum racquets are used for beginners and it’s low cost. Graphite is also a lightweight material, a little more costly than Aluminum. It’s usually for skilled or advanced junior players.

The racquets we have recommended are up to the mark and tested for durability.

Strings for Kids Tennis Racquets

strings for kids tennis racquet-Best Kids Tennis Racquet
Strings for Kids Tennis Racquets

Strings are important when it comes to adult racquets or experienced tennis players. But for kids, it’s really not that important. Kids racquets are mostly strung, one should not be worried about pre-strung racquets.

Most racquets are strung with soft multi-filament strings, which is good to have a start. However, if a kid can use string tweaks in teenager then he/she can check the subtle difference in performance, especially when playing tournaments.

Comparison of Racquets for Boys and Girls

Comparison of kids Racquets for Boys and Girls-Best Kids Tennis Racquet

Most parents might wonder about the difference between boys’ and girls’ tennis racquets. Luckily there isn’t any difference in both racquets. The same is the case with their counterpart adult racquets. All racquets are manufactured as uni sexually.

Although manufacturers might draw a difference in the looks of both racquets. Color, Styles, and names could be like Barbie Princess, Hello Kitty for girls and Superman, Spiderman for boys are there, so the colors and styles are accordingly.


If your kid is your future champion then make sure your child loves tennis and follows the champions. For this purpose, you need to hire/consult a local coach to guide you and your child properly. 

Whether kids are playing for fun then you can choose proper and probably the best tennis racquet for him/her. It’ll save tons of energy and time. Especially it will minimize the chances of injury when a kid has a proper racquet.

Finally, keep on moving or even dragging and finally one day you’ll have your destination conquered.

If you are an experienced player then please share your valuable suggestion/feedback. Alternatively, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to comment below or contact us.

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