How to Get Cheap Wimbledon Tickets for 2024: The Ultimate Guide

In this easy and simple guide, we’ll guide you on how, where, and when to buy cheap Wimbledon tickets for next edition and in the future. We’ll briefly discuss easy-to-adopt methods for the tickets of finals, semi-finals (men’s & women’s) either for Center Court or Court No. 1,2 & 3 along with other show courts.

The Wimbledon Championship for next year is scheduled from 01 To 14 July 2024. Every year millions of tennis fans are attracted to tickets to Wimbledon tennis Championship but only a small % of applicants have the honor to feel the excitement in the first attempt.

It is the like once-in-life-time opportunity for the UK public and overseas. The tickets for this tournament are surprisingly worldwide popular and sell out quickly. That’s why tickets are expensive and very expensive in a few cases.

Every tennis fan tries to get a ticket to become a part of this prestigious Grand Slam tennis event.

Whether you know or not, daily few hundreds of low-cost Center Court and other courts (Court No. 1,2 & 3) tickets are made available for online sale a day before.

You can join the queue on the match day for around 500 reserved tickets at the turnstile. In the last four days, all tickets are sold in advance.

In order to get ground entry pass only you can join the queue a few hours before gate opening at 10:30 am. The chances are thin to get a ticket at this time.

Let’s have a look to details of guide.

How much does it cost for Wimbledon Tickets?

In fact, the cost or price range for the Wimbledon tickets depend on many key factors such as how do you apply for(online, queuing, debenture ballot, etc.), day (final, semi-final, quarter-final, middle or final Sunday), time(morning, afternoon, evening) to buy a ticket, the playing player(s), and type of ticket.

How much does it cost for Wimbledon Tickets?-buy get cheap wimbledon tickets

The center court tickets are the most expensive tickets followed by the Court. No. 1, 2 & 3.

Final Sunday and/or other finals, semi-final, and quarter-final of Men, women are more pricey, especially debenture tickets are too pricey. 

So, let’s have an idea about the average Wimbledon ticket price’s face value for Center Court, Court No.1, Court No.2 & Court No.3. Only these Wimbledon courts need tickets for entrance as outer courts (4-12 & 18) need day ground entry passes only.

If you buy Wimbledon tickets through online, queuing, or ballot(low-cost methods) then the court wise average price (Ponds and $ US dollars) from day 1 to finals as follows

Face value of Wimbledon Tickets from day 1 to Final day

Court NamePrice £(UK Ponds)Price $ (US Dollars)*
Center Court£70 – £250$94 – 335
Court No. 1£40 – £160$54 – 215
Court No. 2£40 – £100$40 – 135
Court No. 3£45 – £95$60 – 127

* 1 Pond Sterling = $1.34 (USD). Prices are rounded off.

Best ways to Get Wimbledon Tickets for 2024

In order to choose a suitable ticket for Wimbledon, it could be confusing as there are both certain and uncertain ways are there.

Keeping the price and on budget visitors in mind, the ways are divided into two categories.

In the first part, the amazing 15 low-cost ways but uncertain or no-guarantee methods and in 2nd part expensive but guaranteed methods will be discussed.


The following are some of the popular among the best ways that you can adapt to get a ticket for you or your loved ones to oblige them or as a gift.

Cheap Methods

  1. Public Ballot
  2. Queuing On the Match Day
  3. Be First in the Queue Next Year
  4. Buy Online
  5. Buy Returned Tickets in Resale [Afternoon/Evening]
  6. Join Lawn Tennis Association(LTA) & be a Part of its Ballot
  7. Join Local Tennis Club for Club Ballot Tickets
  8. Become an AELTC Member
  9. Become Friend with AELTC Members
  10. Be a Royals Friend
  11. Qualify as a Player
  12. Become a Steward
  13. Get a Job at Wimbledon Championships
  14. Work for a Corporate Sponsor
  15. Go for a Ground Pass Instead

Expensive Methods

  • Buy Debenture Tickets (Long Term Seats)
  • Buy Hospitality Package

Wimbledon Public Ballot Tickets

The Public ballot (also called AELTC ballot) for the Wimbledon tickets is simply a ticket lottery in which a computerized process selects successful people randomly with complete transparency.

You should know that majority tickets for Center Court, No.1, and No.2 Court (show courts) are sold through Wimbledon public ballot in advance.

The AELTC has launched the first public ballot in 1924, to keep the ticket getting process fair and transparent. It was a manual process since then to 2020. The Wimbledon public ballot registration became online from the year 2020 for both local/UK and international ballot.

Wimbledon public ballot Tickets-buy get cheap wimbledon tickets

How to apply for Wimbledon Public Ballot 2024

The public ballot will be return for next year i.e. 2024 in September 2023. If you are already registered with myWimbledon then you will be notified when it’s started. You need to apply for the Wimbledon ballot then. The public ballot runs for UK-domestic) and overseas applicants separately and parallel.

The myWimbledon profile registration must be completed in September-October of every year, and tickets must be purchased in November-October. As dates may vary according to schedule of Wimbledon schedule.

If you are selected to purchase ticked through ballot, then you will be offered tickets to buy. If you are lucky enough to get purchase invitation, you can buy specific tickets.

All ballot applications must be completed on or before November or December 2023 in all aspects.

Remember Public Ballot is computerized processed and selects people randomly. The following schedule is followed every year for Wimbledon public ballot of tickets.

myWimbledon Profile Registration – September – October

Apply For Tickets – November – December

Purchase Tickets – January – February

How to apply for Wimbledon Public Ballot-buy get cheap wimbledon tickets
First Online Wimbledon Public Ballot Image

Note: This is first online public ballot dates to give you an idea, for exact dates visit Wimbledon official website, and for other latest information, contact the Wimbledon administration.

Registration for Wimbledon Public Ballot Tickets of 2024 Championship

The registration process is very easy. There are two compulsory and simple steps to apply. You must have a valid email address to complete online ballot.

You’ll receive two emails, the first email will verify your application by sending a link that you have to click to verify. The second email will confirm that you are part of balloting.

myWimbledon Registration Process

The first step is Registration for ballot. Usually ballot registration date is announced in August. It starts in September and ends in October.

In the second step, the application is completed with all relevant and important particulars and submitted. Usually, the last date for application submission comes in November- December.

  • Go to Wimbledon website and Click on three lines at Top left side
  • Click myWimbledon > Join / Login (For existing profile)
  • Enter the relevant information and submit the application
  • E-mail address and home address must be valid and accessible
myWimbledon Registration Process-buy get cheap wimbledon tickets
Sign-Up/Registration Process of Wimbledon Profile for Public Ballot 2024

UK and International Public Ballot

The UK and international citizens both are eligible to apply for the Wimbledon’s public ballot ticket registration. But the successful UK applicants will be able to pay for their tickets only.

UK and International Public Ballot-buy get cheap wimbledon tickets
The national flag is flying around the world

In case, ballot tickets are not accepted, returned, payment is not made within due date or applicant withdraws the application, then the same ticket will be re-balloted. A new ballot will be held after the payment due date.

Overseas or international Wimbledon ticket ballot operates the same way. Remember that entry into public or overseas ballot (also known as Wimbledon ticket draws) does not guarantee a ticket for the applicant.

It is important to know that entry in public ballot does not guarantee you to have a ticket. The applicant is entitled to have a place in the ticket draws. The day and court are selected randomly by a computerized system, so to request for a specific day or court is not possible.

General Rules for Wimbledon Public Ballot 2024

  • Public ballot is open for everyone including overseas (subject to rules)
  • No entry charges apply and mode of Applications is online ONLY.
  • You can withdraw the application without any penalty at any stage. Contact the Ticket Office on +44 (0)20 8971 2473.
  • Public ballot is opened for a limited time. Invitations to register for online Wimbledon tickets (myWimbledon) are open/sent in September-October and one can apply for tickets in November
  • Lucky ones will be informed by January-February and onwards
  • If successful then you’ll have a chance to buy a ticket Up-to 2 tickets (for either Centre Court, No.1 Court, or No.2 Court, ). You have to give full payment in CASH within the due date to secure them.
  • Write a permanent address only while registering. Applications from business address, student or temporary accommodation holiday home addresses will not be accepted
  • It’s a criminal offense to provide false particulars while applying for ballot ticket.
  • Only one application is allowed per household, submitting multiple applications per can lead to cancellation of tickets or offer will be withdrawn.
  • No Wimbledon tennis Championship ticket (except debenture) can be sold/resold, transferred, or advertised for sale via any mean internet, newspaper or television.
  • If found guilty then tickets will be of no use and will be ineligible in the future to apply for, to receive tickets.

What are the chances to Get Tickets through Wimbledon Public Ballot?

As everyone knows that Wimbledon is the oldest and prestigious tennis championship, that’s why tennis fans not only from the UK but from the whole world attract to watch the action on the court.

chances to Get Tickets through Wimbledon Public Ballot-buy get cheap wimbledon tickets

As 2500 seats are reserved for debenture holders and many others are for media persons, event sponsors, tennis federation officials, players, and guests having corporate hospitality packages.

A large number of ballot applications play icing on the cake role. So chances to get tickets through the ballot are slim or more closely is 1 out of 10.

Does any Verification or ID is checked for Public Ballot Tickets?

When you purchase a ticket, you’ll see there is no name printed on the ticket or ID to counter check the identification. So when you enter the ground no ID is required.

Are Wimbledon Ballot Tickets Free?

In case you haven’t read in the introduction or don’t know, ballot tickets are NOT FREE. Balloting is just an electronic method to select the lucky ones from a large number of applications. Only entry into the ballot is free.

When Wimbledon Ballot Tickets are sent out?

Ballot tickets are sent out 10 days before the play via post. That’s why you should mention a valid address when registering for the ballot.

Can You Sell Public Ballot Tickets?

As mentioned before no Wimbledon ticket can be sold except debenture tickets, as they can be sold legally. So selling non-debenture tickets is prohibited by the Wimbledon.

Wheelchair Public Ballot for Wimbledon

The Wimbledon administration has reserved separate seats in all courts for disable people including Center Court, Court No. 1, 2, 3, & Up-to 18, and runs a separate public ballot for disable people including wheelchair. This ballot works the same way as the standard ballot does.

When the ballot was offline/paper application the word “Wheelchair” was used to be written on the envelopes. Since the ballot applications are online from 2020, so make sure to mention accessibility type in profile of myWimbledon.

The Wimbledon provides other accessibility facilities to people with mobility impairments like car parking, pick up/drop off, and Shuttle service.

How to Get Wimbledon Ballot Tickets Refund?

Ballot tickets can get a refund under the ticket refund policy of AELTC.

Actually, a refund for ballot tickets is calculated under conditions (like rain, weather, leftover play duration) of play, etc. You may get a refund fully(max face value) or partially depending on the situation. Check the refund policy of AELTC.

Get Wimbledon Ballot Tickets Refund-buy get cheap wimbledon tickets

Wimbledon Tickets(Ticketmaster, Ballot and Others) Refund

  • In case, the applicant wants to return the ticket, does not wish to attend Wimbledon, or is unable to use any ticket, the applicant must apply and return the ticket 24 hours before to get a refund.
  • Normally AELTC and agents accept refund applications, but they are not bound to do so.
  • If there is no play or play is curtailed there will be no refund of money except due to rain.
  • If play is canceled or curtailed due to rain, then the original purchaser will get a refund depending on leftover play duration and other conditions. Please check Wimbledon’s rain check policy for details.
  • A full refund will be given if the cancellation request is made before dispatch of tickets by AELTC except £10 administrative charges.
  • The ticket holder who found in breach of the conditions of entry will not be given any refund.

Queuing On Match Day

Standing in the queue is a wonderful tradition of the Wimbledon Championship.

The Wimbledon lovers know that a limited number of tickets are available daily for Center Court, No.1 Court, and No.2 Court except the last four days. The tickets for the last four days, center court tickets are sold in advance.

So, in order to get a last-minute ticket on the same day and that is at a reasonable price too, then you have to put yourself in a long queue in the early morning or camp overnight.

Queuing On Match Day at Wimbledon-buy get cheap wimbledon tickets
Wimbledon Queue Camping Overnight; Wimbledon, England, Uk

When you’ll enter in Wimbledon arena after a long walk, a non-transferable queue card will be issued to you having a printed date and number to show your position in the queue. It must be with you while entering in ground

The tickets you’ll get are mostly tickets returned to the ticket office for legit resale. Video will elaborate to you better how to wait in the queue.

You should follow the queue guide issued by the management.

Soon we’ll publish a detailed guide for queuing for Wimbledon tickets. It’ll guide you from a to z about How’s and What’s about lining up for tickets.

Be First in the Queue Next Year

If you have not experienced overnight camping and queuing yet, then let me tell you that it is worth experiencing, as it is one of the great traditions for tennis lovers and easy method to get low-cost Wimbledon tickets.

As many of you may know that this year’s Wimbledon edition has been canceled due to Covid-19. Now you have the chance to attend the queue next year 2021.

Be First in the Wimbledon Queue Next Year-buy get cheap Wimbledon tickets

So you have plenty of time, make a plan alone, preferably with friends to be first in the queue next year 2021.

Buy Online (Via Ticketmaster and Re-Sale Websites)

If you are not lucky enough to buy tickets through the public ballot or the queue, then the best way to buy a Wimbledon ticket is to buy online. It is the most convenient and best way to get tickets for the Wimbledon, tennis Championships.

Buy Online Via Ticketmaster and Re-Sale Websites-buy get cheap Wimbledon tickets

There are several ways and platforms to buy tickets online for the Wimbledon tennis championship one is official and others are unofficial online ticket sellers for Wimbledon.

Wimbledon Championship has only one official online ticket agent i.e. When you are buying tickets online, then you must agree to the conditions of a refund.

Some private sites including, Viagogo, onlinetennisexpress etc. also sell tickets. Many websites resale already purchased tickets to customers especially debenture tickets.

Best Way to Buy Cheap Tickets From Ticketmaster 

The best way to buy a ticket from Ticketmaster (official Wimbledon Ticket seller) is to keep yourself active and updated. As there are several hundred returned and reserved tickets and are available daily on Ticketmaster for Center Court, and Court No.3. 

Buy Online Via Ticketmaster and Re-Sale Websites-buy get cheap Wimbledon tickets

The available tickets are not much expensive that’s why touts, tennis lovers, online resellers, opportunists want to get them. If you act quickly then chances are high to get Ticketmaster ticket in a short time otherwise it is just like the lottery, you wished to have.

There are two categories of tickets on Ticketmaster (online). 

Returned Tickets, returned Center and Court and Court No.3 by purchaser due to some reasons, go on sale nearly 48 hours before the play.

Reserved tickets go on sale in the morning roundabout 9:00 am for the following day’s play.

Total tickets that go on sale via Ticketmaster are about 300-500. One person can purchase two tickets only on a credit card/address.

Pro Tip: Sign up/Register for both Wimbledon and Ticketmaster‘s newsletter to get notified when the tickets go on sale, and when they will send it.

Get Notified about Cheap Tickets for 2024 Edition by Wimbledon

In order to get cheap or low-cost Wimbledon tickets for 20201 click Join myWIMBLEDON button under “Things to remember” heading and sign up to get details of available tickets on Ticketmaster to and when sale get started and get yourself updated.

Buy Returned Tickets in Resale – Afternoon/Evening

Every day at the Wimbledon many ticket holders leave grounds before the end of the play.  They are encouraged to put their tickets in the red box situated on the way out of the grounds or have their tickets scanned on exit points to regenerate a new one (If they want to keep original with them).

Buy Returned Tickets in Resale-buy get cheap Wimbledon tickets

Usually, these returned tickets or walk-in tickets(barely called) are available afternoon at 03:00, 05:00 PM, or in the evening (also known Wimbledon evening tickets) for resale at the resale kiosk situated near St. Mary’s Walk/Top of the hill, north of court 18. 

You can’t buy returned tickets from the Ticketmaster, you must join the queue before kiosks machine or ask the resale ticket office.  

If you are lucky enough you’ll get a ticket of any show court (Either Center court, Court No. 1 or 2) at cheap price. The returned tickets costs £15 for center court and £10 for court 1 and court 2 (the cheapest center court tickets).

Due to the low price, everyone wants to have these show courts tickets. So, you remain vigilant as these tickets get sold very quickly.

You can get evening tickets only If you have ground pass and present in the Wimbledon grounds too.

Buy Returned Tickets in Resale-buy get cheap Wimbledon tickets
Steward Standing in front of Ticket Resale Booth at Wimbledon

Resale of returned tickets gives chance to convert your ground pass into a center court or other show court tickets. The amount of resold tickets goes to tennis charities through the Wimbledon foundation.

Wimbledon Tickets for Late Comers/Late Entry Visitors

If you have arrived late/after work in the afternoon or the evening at Wimbledon grounds then first manage a ground pass after getting in the queue. You can enjoy evening matches at such a cheap price that you can call them free Wimbledon tickets.

Wimbledon Tickets for Late Comers-Late Entry Visitors-buy get cheap Wimbledon tickets

How to get free Wimbledon tickets?

Just keep an eye upon corporate guests (debenture, hospitality) and others as well, leaving for home, as they are in the courts since morning and willing to leave for good reason. 

Get Free Wimbledon Tickets-buy get cheap Wimbledon tickets

Ask them politely, whether they mind to sale/hand over(ticket prints are without identity) their tickets to you. 

It might seem awkward but true tennis fans can get a bit of luck. If it is the day of your luck then you may also have a totally free either center court, or court 1,2, or 3 tickets from a guest. 

Otherwise, you can try charity resale Kiosks as mentioned above by getting in the queue.

Remember when someone gets out of grounds and re-enters a valid ticket and the appropriate wristband is required which is available at gate-5 & 13 after 10:30 am.

Join Lawn Tennis Association(LTA) & be a Part of its Ballot

Only UK residents can join this Lawn Tennis Association (the governing body for tennis in the UK) to make their chances double for Wimbledon tickets as they can apply for both Public & LTA ballot.

Join Lawn tennis association and be a Part of its Ballot-buy get cheap Wimbledon tickets

Every year LTA offers the Wimbledon championships and other major event tickets to its members through an internal ballot. Become a member that costs from £10-20-30/year and apply through its ballot. LTA ballot works the same way as the public ballot does.

If you play competitive tennis, then you must join LTA or at least pay annual membership fee regularly to participate in the LTA club ballot. If you are successful in the draw, you can buy ticket online as of its face value.

You can apply for LTA membership here, Join LTA. Don’t worry if you have missed the public ballot of this year you can always apply for another after joining LTA. Check details of the Wimbledon ballot for LTA members.

Join Local Tennis Club (Non-UK Residents)

If you live outside the UK then you can’t get LTA membership. In this case, you can join LTA recognized local tennis clubs (LTA registered venues) nearby you. 

Join Local Tennis Club-buy get cheap Wimbledon tickets

The coach, tennis bodies, and schools outside the UK also get a share of Wimbledon tickets through their respective national tennis federation/associations/governing bodies. You can participate in the local club tennis ballot to get tickets.

There are two membership categories 1st is lite (individual) membership for juniors and adult players, it is free.

The 2nd is team membership which costs £20/year. Both members can participate in the Wimbledon ballot.

You can find here LTA affiliated local tennis bodies/clubs near you to register.

Become an AELTC Member

There is a famous saying that the easiest way to become AELTC member is to win it(the Wimbledon) or marry a prince. But it should not discourage you as, where is will, there is a way.

Become an AELTC Member-buy get cheap Wimbledon tickets

Joining the AELTC is quite difficult but not impossible. If you want to join then you must know that club has 475 total members, 375 permanent and 100 temporary members.

The temporary members are elected every year, if you play professional-level tennis, wonderful pro-level networking skills, or have tennis assets then it would not take long for you to join AELTC.

Become Friend with AELTC Members

You might know that few lucky peoples are members of All England Lawn Tennis Club who have VIP privileges and facilities. One of the great perks includes complete access to the event for them, and they can also buy many tickets for the Wimbledon championship.

Become an AELTC Member-buy get cheap Wimbledon tickets

They can use these tickets if they want to. So If you know someone who is lucky to be a member of AELTC, you can approach them for event’s tickets or guest pass. It’ll give you access to behind the scene facilities, that you can’t get with even the best public ticket.

So, if you know someone who is AELTC member then you should give it a try.

Be a British Royals Friend

The guests of the Wimbledon are invited at Royal Box to enjoy the championship with excellent view and entertainment. It has a total of 74 seats colored with dark green.

Be a British Royals Friend-buy get cheap Wimbledon tickets
Be a British Royals Friend

We know it feels hard to even sound it but nothing is out of the world in this life. So it might not be like beyond the imagination or impractical. 

You should know that the company that you’ll receive at Royal Box won’t get anywhere else plus an excellent view of the center court. The guests are offered delicious lunch, tea, and drinks at the club house. You will get a lot of PR there that will eventually take you up in life.

You just have to aware of cameras and dress code for the Royal Box.

Qualify as a Player

Many people love tennis to play or watch, but true tennis enthusiasts take tennis to the next level and qualify as a player for the Wimbledon Championship. 

In the beginning, it would be difficult to qualify for the show courts but for outer courts, it’s not as that hard. You should polish your skills and apply for Wimbledon Championships, qualify as a player.

Qualify as a Player-buy get cheap Wimbledon tickets
Qualify as a Player

Become a Steward

If you can’t qualify as a player then you can be Wimbledon’s honorary Steward or even Umpire, of course, there is huge competition for them. But to be honorary Steward is not as that tough. It would be a good choice and a lifetime experience for you.

In this way, you can enjoy Wimbledon for up to a maximum length of days with a true traditional spirit.

Become a Steward-buy get cheap Wimbledon tickets
Become a Steward at Wimbledon

If you think you can compete then join as Honorary Steward for Umpire just send email or visit LTA Officiating, National Tennis Center, 100 Priory Lane, Roehampton London SW15 5JQ.

Get a Job at Championships Wimbledon

Every year Wimbledon hires directly 1200 peoples for various roles like stewards(day & night), members service, info providers, etc. and works indirectly with 5000 peoples that support it as food, drinks, cleaning, match stats, broadcasting, security, etc.

It must be a life long experience for you to have a job at the Wimbledon Championships. It’ll allow you to meet all past and current champions of the Wimbledon along with a wonderful job.

Get a Job at Championships Wimbledon-buy get cheap Wimbledon tickets
Get a Job at Championships Wimbledon

In other words, it’ll allow you to attend the complete event for free and also you can keep your friends and relatives updated about the tickets’ situation.

For the kids who are keen to attend Wimbledon, there is a good chance to become a ball boy/girl, if they get nominated and referred to Wimbledon by their school. Ball boys and girls don’t get recruited directly.

If you want to apply for a job, you can search for the latest available jobs at Wimbledon Championship. You can apply category wise jobs here.

Work At/For Wimbledon’s Official Sponsor

Many of you might know that the Wimbledon champion has a list of official suppliers/sponsors. These sponsors tend to buy tickets at large. If you are working with/for those companies then you might ask your seniors whether you can get those tickets or not?

Work For Wimbledon’s Official Sponsor-buy get cheap Wimbledon tickets
Work At/For Wimbledon’s Official Sponsor

Remember that sometimes companies buy Wimbledon corporate hospitality packages for their employees as well that has many perks and offers associated with them.

If you happen to work in a company like this(official supplier or not) then you may get a chance for those tickets(Hospitality or regular tickets).

Go for Ground Pass to Enjoy Odds of Wimbledon Tennis

If you are passionate about tennis and not sticky to big names, then you can have a ground pass to get access to the outer courts of Wimbledon. It’s one of the cheap Wimbledon tickets and an easy way to enjoy tennis apart from show courts.

The court No. 3 has unreserved seats, costs £25 in the first week, and even less from the second Tuesday. Further standing space for thousands of people to watch qualifying and other rounds.

Ground Pass for Wimbledon-buy get cheap Wimbledon tickets
Ground Pass for Wimbledon

Many other courts have standing spaces for interesting ties of singles and doubles.

Don’t underestimate, tennis matches in outer courts are worth to watch as it is not out of the question that some infamous player beat a famous name to reach the show courts.

Furthermore, at the outer courts, the tennis club officials can search for rising talent to bring their club to the International level along with many sponsors. Tennis newbies can learn and intermediate players can explore new tennis tactics to grow more abilities on the court.

Ground Passes – Get into the Wimbledon Grounds First

In order to get into the Wimbledon Championships grounds(not show courts), you need to get a ground pass after paying entry fee before you can enter into the Wimbledon complex and get any ticket. 

These ground passes are also known as general admission/entry tickets, ground entry/admission tickets, cheap Wimbledon entry tickets, Walk-in Tickets, or Wimbledon day passes etc.

You can enjoy unreserved seating and standing space on Court No.3 to 18 through these passes.

Ground Passes - Get into the Wimbledon Grounds First-ground-entry-passes-image-buy get cheap Wimbledon tickets
Ground Passes – Get into the Wimbledon Grounds First

General Information about Wimbledon Entry Passes

You have to be in the famous traditional Wimbledon queue for ground pass to attend Wimbledon. Remember that if you intend to get a ground pass only then join the queue a few hours before opening gates at 10:30 am.

The ground pass will also entitle you free access to the Murray Mount or Henman Hill. The Hill is like a picnic spot having an excellent large screen match view.

These ground passes are sold by turnstile(can’t buy ground pass online/Ticketmaster), which closes at 08:00 pm. You can’t buy entry passes online and a leaving person can’t pass to another person, as that can’t be used to re-enter.

The entry to grounds is subject to the capacity, current attendance of grounds, and people leaving. The management usually refers that several thousand passes are available at turnstiles entry daily.

According to Wimbledon, the grounds have a total capacity of 42000 so the ground passes are.

General Information about Wimbledon Entry Passes-image-buy get cheap Wimbledon tickets
General Information about Wimbledon Entry Passes

The best way to get ground passes for Wimbledon

It is advised you that join the shorter queue in the morning as the chances are much higher to get passes that time, more in the afternoon(03:00 PM) or evening(05:00 PM). 

Remember, nobody can guarantee you to get a pass, just give it a go. It really depends on the number of peoples inside the grounds, tough match going on, weather forecast, people leaving/getting in, etc.

How much You Pay for Wimbledon Ground Pass?

The price of ground pass varies, depending on the day and number of visitors present on the grounds. Usually, it is cheap or costs less in the afternoon, evening or late entry.

In the first week, it will cost you more while in 2nd week less. From the qualifying round to final day ground pass normally costs ranges from £8 – £25 per day. 

As the ground entry passe starts from £8 but sometimes it could go down up to £5 at about 05:00 pm or later.

You might be surprised to know that in the last Wimbledon championship edition day ticket got down to £5 and even on the final Sunday it was £8, the cheapest Wimbledon ticket

Why? Because the majority of morning visitors will be leaving or have left the grounds.

Best Expensive Wimbledon Seats

There are three famous ways to get the best high-priced tickets of all-time for tennis enthusiasts who don’t mind the budget.

Wimbledon Debenture Seats

These tickets are the finest, luxury, and most sought-after tickets for the championship. The majority of debenture tickets for the center court are located at level 2 which is the same for the Royal Box(situated in center court).

Wimbledon Debenture Seats-tickets-image-buy get cheap Wimbledon tickets
Wimbledon Debenture Seat Tickets

What are Wimbledon Debenture Tickets?

Debenture tickets are one of the guaranteed tickets along with the hospitality packages.

In finance, a debenture is a medium or long-term debt instrument / loan-certificate / bond or note used by large-scale companies to borrow money at a fixed interest rate till its maturity. “

Wimbledon Debenture holders invest in debenture for five years and in return, they get many benefits like tickets at favorable prices in addition to the principal amount. They receive a ticket for each day either for center court or court No. 1 with exclusive access to restaurants and bars during the championship.

Debentures are issued for a term of five years. The last debenture issued for the term from 2016-2020 at cost of £50,000.

The center court debenture has been issued and fully subscribed for the next 2021-2025 term that raised £162.3 million. The raised fund will be used to improve existing facilities and acquisition of The Wimbledon Park Golf Club.

Location of Debentures Seats

Center Court: From Row A – N
Court No. 1: From Row A – Q

Location of Wimbledon Debenture Seats-tickets-image-buy get cheap Wimbledon tickets
Debenture Seats Location for Center Court and Court No. 1

Total Debenture Seats of Center Court and Court No.1

Total number of debenture seats are located at both courts

Center Court: 2500
Court No. 1: 1000

General Rules of Debentures Ticket Holder (Seats)

The Wimbledon administration has issued some general rules for ticket holders as follows

  1. Only Debenture ticket holders are entitled to legal resale and transfer in the open market via the Internet or privately.
  2. Debentures Seats are allocated the same seat numbers during the tournament but with different locations for every five years.
  3. Valid for the whole day and also provide access outside the courts on a first come-first served basis
  4. A person entered in court through a debenture ticket can’t pass to another person outside while leaving the ground.
  5. Tickets are court and date specified
  6. Debenture ticket holders have no right to view any specific match, a round of matches, or any specific player.
  7. AELTC has the sole discretion to move the match from one court to another.

Is it Worth to Buy Debenture Tickets?

The buyers in case, want to know what a debenture ticket includes, or is it really worth it?

Is it Worth to Buy Debenture Tickets?wimbledon-debenture-tickets-restaurants-image-buy-wimbledon-tickets
Is it Worth to Buy Debenture Tickets?

Obviously it has the best seat and view in center court or No. 1 court. Apart from seating, it really has worth to have this ticket.

It provides you wonderful club level and Royal Box level view of the match. You may be lucky enough to have a seat next to Royals hanging out with team coach, players families, or surrounded by celebrities.

Further, you can attend an exclusive lounge for Debenture Holder. It includes luxury facilities like a private restaurant with a delicious and variety of food, bars, specific lounges, bathrooms, and a glorious view of the match.

You can also visit outside courts

There is another reason for most sought after tickets, you have the chance to meet world influencers, meet past and current tennis champions and many other celebrities from all other walks of life.

What else you expect more from one match?

How much Debenture Tickets cost?

The cost depends upon the day and event or simply demand and supply rule. It varies from low to the high cost and of course tennis lovers are ready to buy premium tickets.

After reading its worthiness you can estimate that it is not one among the cheap ones.

How much Debenture Tickets cost?-image-buy-cheap-wimbledon-tickets

The guaranteed(either debenture or hospitality) ticket for the center Court can cost you anywhere from several hundred pounds to more than £5,000 (about $6,300). Yes, a debenture is expensive, that is why it is guaranteed.

As reported by CNN, last year edition of Wimbledon cost ranges from  $700 to $5,732 on debenture holders website.

Refund of Wimbledon Debenture Tickets

There are certain conditions for a debenture refund. Will you get a refund in case of mind change or you can’t attend the event or any other case?

Refund of Wimbledon Debenture Tickets?-image-buy-cheap-wimbledon-tickets

The answer is quite simple by wimbledondebentureholders.

  • After booking, neither refund will be given nor ticket can exchange, not even for a lost ticket, except the sole discretion of the seller.
  • If play is canceled or restricted due to weather/rain then the refund amount received from AELTC will be shifted to the buyer.
  • If the play could not be held due to beyond control circumstances (national emergency, strike, terrorism, etc) then no refund will be given.

When Wimbledon Debenture Tickets are Sent Out?

Keep it clear that AELTC pints and distribute all debenture tickets to debenture holder by itself 3 to 4 weeks before event beginning. Upon receiving tickets they are immediately sent to buyers through post.

From Where to Buy Debenture Tickets?

When Wimbledon Debenture Tickets are Sent Out?-image-buy-cheap-wimbledon-tickets

There are several official and private platforms/websites to buy debenture tickets. One official web is wimbledondebentureholders that sell and buy tickets. Other platforms include StubHub, OnlineTicketExpress, TicketsToWimbledon etc.

The Best way to buy cheap Wimbledon debenture tickets either for Sundays, quarte final, semi-final, or final for both Men and Women is StubHub. As this site does not own any ticket but give platform to seller and buyer that creates a competition, that leads to less price.

Wimbledon Debenture Restaurants

Curious about debenture foods and drinks at exclusive restaurants? The Good thing that there is a vast variety of food with the waitress, and self-service mode for both center court and Court No. 1separately.

Center Court Restaurants

These centers include The Terrace, The Courtside Brasserie, The Gallery, The Rooftop, The Courtside Restaurant, and The Champions Room. All these restaurants wonderful menu.

Court No. 1 Restaurants

In the court No. 1 The Renshaw, The Veranda, The Lounge, and No.1 Bar restaurants are available for ticket holders.

Is there any dress code for Wimbledon Debenture Seats, restaurants, and lounge?

The dress code is smart casual. Simply you follow instructions that transform you a Gentleman or a Lady.

You don’t need to wear a tie or a jacket. While ripped and tailored jeans, sports & cargo shorts, dirty training shoes, baseball caps, and running vests are prohibited especially in debenture restaurants. Tailored ladies & gentlemen shorts are acceptable.

Where is the entrance of Debenture ticket holders?

Wimbledon Debenture Ticket Holders Center Court Entrance Image-buy-cheap-wimbledon-tickets
Wimbledon Debenture Ticket Holders Center Court Entrance

Although they can use public entrance gates, but one should know that there is a separate entrance gate for debenture ticket holders as well.

They are advised to use Gate No. 4 on Church road for entry to AELTC, and use specific debenture car park 8. After that follow arrow signs within the Golf course to reach Debenture Entrance.

Do you need special accessories at Courts?

It’s advised that keep sun glasses, sun block cream, hat and extra clothes to cover yourself under the bright Sun.

Wimbledon Ticket Accessories Image-buy-cheap-wimbledon-tickets

Have More questions about Debenture Seats?

If you have more questions are want to explore more about debenture seats at Wimbledon, you can check debenture holders.

Corporate Hospitality Packages 

Simply hospitality means to entertain the guest in a very well manner that he feels like home. Hospitality packages include guaranteed tickets with perks and privileges. 

Corporate Hospitality Packages-image-buy-cheap-Wimbledon-tickets
Wimbledon Corporate Hospitality Package Perks

For the prestigious Wimbledon tournament, one official and many private hospitality providers are working to make every edition memorable for honorable guests.

The goal of hospitality providers is to make sure that you have each facility for yourself that you have at home while enjoying tennis sport, and even sometimes more than that. Let’s have a look at luxury facilities that Wimbledon provides to its hospitality package holders.

  • Center Court Sky view Suites
  • Rosewater Pavilion
  • Rosewater Pavilion Private Suites
  • The Lawn
  • The Players’ Tables
  • The Lawn Private Suit

Every facility has its own charm and attracts tourists, tennis enthusiasts, and spectators from all over the world.

Be a Debenture Holder

In case you do not know, debentures are financial instruments that can freely be transferable, sold, and purchased.

Apart from buying debenture tickets from already debenture-holder, the best way to buy guaranteed tickets is to buy a debenture instrument(s) of Wimbledon.

Of course, it is the most expensive way to get tickets. But, It is advised as the ideal opportunity to buy a debenture from Wimbledon or simply become an owner of Wimbledon debenture holder.

Be a Debenture Holder-image-buy-cheap-Wimbledon-tickets
Be a Debenture Holder

Who can buy Wimbledon Debenture?

Now, the question arises that who is eligible to buy a Wimbledon debenture? Any UK and Non-UK citizens can buy it by applying online. International or Non-UK citizens have to provide additional information.

You should keep in mind that debentures are issued for the Center Court and Court No.1 only. An investor can apply for both or one court debentures.

How, When and Where to buy Wimbledon debentures?

If you are interested to invest in Wimbledon Debentures and want to know How to buy the debenture of Wimbledon then your stockbroker must approach Dowgate Capital Limited. If you don’t have any stockbroker then fill the application form.

How, When and Where to buy Wimbledon debentures?-buy-cheap-Wimbledon-tickets
How, When and Where to buy Wimbledon debentures?

Dowgate is an official partner of Wimbledon that holds a weekly auction for investors who wish to sell and/or buy Wimbledon debentures.

When? There are two ways. First, you can buy from All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) for the length of 5 years and 2nd from Dowgate on weekly bases.

Where? For AELTC’s 5 years debenture issue you have to apply through a proper application form contained in the prospectus. Prospectus can be downloaded by visiting Wimbledon’s debenture(available within due date) or visit the Wimbledon Complex.

You can download a full PDF guide to apply for debenture to Court No. 1 and Center Court for guidance. Downloaded prospectus for last 2021-2025 Center Court debenture issue.

What is the price of Wimbledon’s Debenture issue?

The AELTC raised £162.3 million from the Center Court’s debenture 2021-2025 issue of five years. Court No. 1’s debenture cost will be announced in the prospectus that will be issued in the spring of the next year 2021.

Further, the cost of the weekly debenture auction is published on every first Saturday in the Financial Times of the month and at the Wimbledon.

Wimbledon's Debenture issue-buy-cheap-Wimbledon-tickets

What are the total numbers of Debentures (Instruments/tickets/seats)?

The Total 2025 Center Court debentures(tickets) were issued by AELTC in a recent issue. In the last issue of Court No. 1, total 1000 debentures were issued and in next issue the same number is expected.

The next series of court No. 1 for the five years from 2022-2026 is going to be issued in the coming spring of 2023.

How many total Wimbledon Debenture Holders are?

Well, it depends on how many investors are selling and buying debentures at a time. It keeps on varying with time, as an estimate 500+ debenture holders exist.


Can you enter into the Wimbledon tennis complex without a ticket/free?

Entry into Wimbledon requires ground pass (and that too after queuing) which is not free, or without a ticket, it is not possible to get in.

Can you get the Wimbledon tennis complex after 05:00 pm/evening?

Yes, you have more chances to get in the afternoon or evening as many morning visitors are leaving then. But sometimes it really depends on the day situation. 

Can you get into Wimbledon Center Court, Court 1,2 tickets after afternoon/evening?

Depends on returned tickets and people leaving early, in the afternoon(3 pm-5 pm), may return their tickets and you may get that ticket at the resale kiosk, after joining the queue in resale and cheaper price too.

Can you buy ground entry passes online, from the Ticketmaster, or in advance?

No, you have to get in the queue, because only true tennis lovers would physically visit oversubscribed tickets’ tournament. The online passes purchased in advance might not get as many visitors there as seen, We guess.

Where is Wimbledon queue and how to get there?

The queue entrance is located at Wimbledon park road, just off of woodspring road. You can get there by London Underground metro tube train to Southfields station and queue entrance will take a 10 minute walk.

Still, Can you  get the Championships of the Wimbledon tickets?

Now, whether you can or not, It really depends on the situation and time of the tournament. Wimbledon is an overwhelmingly, oversubscribed tennis event regarding tickets.

Just have a glance, we have discussed some best and cheap methods to get the Wimbledon tickets in this article.

Can you get Center Court, Court No. 1, and Court No. 2  tickets on the day?

Yes, you can buy tickets after joining the queue (after getting Wimbledon entry pass). Daily, a limited number of tickets are available at the turnstile before the match as follows. 

500 ticket for Center Court (except last four days, all are sold in advance)

500 tickets for both Court No. 1 and Court No. 2 Or for up to full matches program days

Remember, majority show court(center court, court No. 1,2) tickets are sold in advance through public ballot.

Can you buy the Wimbledon‘s final, semifinal tickets on the match day?

No, you can’t get the last four days or semifinal, final(men, women) tickets on match day. They are sold in advance

Can you buy Wimbledon tennis tickets from Ticketmaster?

Yes, of course. It is the official Wimbledon ticket seller.

Can you buy Wimbledon tennis tickets at the gate?

No, there are only four places where you can buy tickets in the Wimbledon complex.

Can you buy tickets from Stubhub for Wimbledon?

Yes, Stubhub offers both low-cast tickets for public along with some expensive VIP tickets for heavy pockets.

How Many are there Total Ground Passes of the Wimbledon Championship?

As stated by the Wimbledon’s facts and figures page, total capacity of grounds is 42000 at any one time. So it can safely be assumed that total ground passes are 420000. Usually, the management referred to “several thousand” passes are available daily.

While Metro a UK newspaper claims that total capacity of the Wimbledon grounds is 39,000 at any one time.

How many visitors attended Wimbledon in 2017, 2018, and 2019?

Every year hundreds of thousands of spectators attend the championship. In the last year, 2019 total of 500,397 attendance of spectators was recorded, while 473,169 in 2018 and 473,372 in 2017.

What is the name of Hill inside the Wimbledon?

Generally known as Henman Hill, also known as Murray Mound, and overall Aorangi Terrace.

When do Wimbledon Championships tickets go on sale?

Hundreds of Center Court and Court No. 3 tickets are sold online in two categories, as follows. The same method will be applied to Wimbledon 2024 and 2025 tickets.

Returned Tickets – go on sale 48 hours before the day of play.

Reserved Tickets – go on sale each morning for the following day’s play

How to get cheap tickets for Wimbledon Championships 2024?

In order to get low-cost Wimbledon tickets for 2024, the following day match or for tomorrows you have to keep yourself updated for online ticket details. Sign up at Wimbledon’s Online Ticket Updates to get updates by clicking the green myWimbledon button.

Is there any name/ID printed on Wimbledon Ticket?

It can be seen on ticket imager that there is no name or ID printed on the tickets for counter check or verification, so no ID is needed. But as a precautionary measure, you should keep ID with you.

Is there any name/ID printed on Wimbledon Ticket?-buy-cheap-Wimbledon-tickets

How to get Wimbledon tickets for disabled/mobility impairment visitors?

Wimbledon provides special accessibility facilities like car parking, pick up/drop off accessibility shuttle(bus) service. Reserved viewing area for wheelchair users and re-sale tickets too, and many other facilities for all disabled persons.

You can read about complete details about those accessibility facilities here.

How to buy Wimbledon tickets for school trips? 

There is no special ticket booking for any educational or non-educational institutions at the Wimbledon championships. Either as an institution or individual, you have to get tickets as mentioned above in the article.

For any other query you can contact Wimbledon’s ticket department.

Do Wimbledon Hospitality Packages offer debentures tickets?

It depends, these companies may get inexpensive tickets from online(Ticketmaster) or they could also provide debenture tickets as they charge enough for these tickets too.

However, these companies can’t promote themselves as an official hospitality provider for Wimbledon.

Which(name) are the show courts of Wimbledon?

The show court term is used for court names given below at the Wimbledon complex.

Center, No.1, No.2, No.3, 12 & 18 Court

Among these the Center, No.1, No.2, and  No.3 courts are primarily used during the championships, while others are used for the practice and qualifying matches.

Which Wimbledon tennis courts require a ticket for entry?

You must have to buy a valid ticket for entry into Center court, Court No.1, and Court No.2. However, Court No. 3 along with tickets have unreserved seating and standing room for spectators with ground entry passes too.

How to get tickets if you have missed Wimbledon Public Ballot?

There are many other ways to get tickets like Debenture, corporate Hospitality Provider (expensive), and queuing, buy online via Ticketmaster for cheap tickets. For other low-cost methods go through the article once.

How to get Wimbledon Tickets for Middle Sunday and Final Sunday?

Wimbledon needs a break to maintain, overhaul, and water the courts due to intensive first-week use. So, usually, no play is organized on middle Sunday, but on final Sunday men’s singles final is scheduled. 

Finals and Sunday tickets are usually expensive, but you can get cheap tickets through planing as mentioned above in the article.


We have explained both ways to get Wimbledon tickets for 2024 or the next editions. If you want to buy cheap tickets, then it depends on your planning and execution. Surely, inexpensive tickets are not as that much harder to get.

If you have plenty of budget then no need to worry, you can watch complete Wimbledon tennis tournament by clicking a button. Remember, still you can save cash if you could just buy in advance preferably.

You shouldn’t buy tickets from touts and scammers, as they might not get you in.

Please give us your feedback in comments below or contact us.

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