Madison Keys

Madison Keys
usaUnited States
5 ft 10 in
66 Kg

Madison Keys is top ranked professional tennis player from the United States of America (USA). She was world No. 7 player in October 2016. She is the finalist of US Open 2017. She is famous for having a fast serve and one of the most powerful forehands shot in the game and Hard surfaces is her favourite and has aggressive playing style.

She is second female player to step in top 10 WTA ranking after Serena Williams. She has also good experience on playing on all types of tennis court surfaces which led her to quarter-final.

She got into lime light when she qualified to Australian Open in year 2015 when she was a just seventeen a teenager, and has also beaten World No. 2 Serena Williams in a set.

Madison Keys

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Social Activities

Keys is supporting an NGO named, FearlesslyGiRL organization which support and encourage young women to be kinder to themselves and each other and build authentic & confidence.

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