Best Cheap Tennis Shoes For Men and Women 2024

If you are under budget constraints and looking for the best cheap tennis shoes then it’s advised to check all products thoroughly, as some products are under $100. For best tennis shoes under $50, we have prepared a separate list for you.

Most of the shoes reviewed here are also available for Women (Tennis Shoes) with the same features. If you wish to buy women’s tennis shoes then you can check them out on the table.

Best and Top Rated but Cheap Tennis Shoes For Men and Women

Best Top Rated Tennis Shoes Under $50

Shoes in this category do not follow the criteria as stated earlier in the post of these shoes. You may not notice famous international brands in this category as they tend to deliver more quality in high price shoes.

After sufficient research, we have found that at $50, it is better to have other infamous brand shoes than the famous one.

Feetmat Men’s Non-Slip Tennis Shoes

Feetmat is a worldwide sports shoe company. It has arisen from a small company to an international shoe manufacturing brand. It produces Men’s, Women’s, and Kids’ sports shoes.

The company uses advanced and technology-based designs and materials for improved products and performance.

Feetmat Men's Non-Slip Tennis Shoes- best cheap tennis shoes

The knit fabric mesh upper. It is breathable to keep your feet clean, cool, and dry during a heated match or practice session on the tennis court.  These shoes are available in a range of stylish colors like Blue, Black, Grey, Green, Pink, etc.

The outsole is durable and designed to be non-slippery tennis shoes. It has flexible grooves that make it anti-skid i.e. it can be bent without any worries.

In the midsole, it has soft and comfortable Insoles that fit well to your feet and provide arch support. Midfoot gives necessary cushioning when moving abruptly to hit shots.

  • Excellent Durability with Stylish Look
  • Quality Shoes in Low Price
  • Breathable Fabric Knit Upper
  • Comfort, Support and Stability in One Shoe
  • Fits Well after Break-In Time
  • Have Good Surface Grip
  • Multi-purpose Shoes
  • Not as much Non-Slippery, A buyer Told
  • People with Wide Feet might have Fitting Issues

HI-TEC Men’s Tennis Shoes

Hi-Tech has produced sports shoes for a long time since 1947. It has started its journey by manufacturing the first-ever squash shoes in the. It has designed this multi-purpose and all-court tennis shoe for players.

HI-TEC Men’s Tennis Shoes- best cheap tennis shoes

Midfoot has great cushioning and support thanks to  EVA midsole. The outsole provides better grip and traction on the Hard, Clay, and Grass tennis court surface due to the gum rubber outsole.

The mesh-type suede leather upper has a nubuck composition that makes it quite soft and airy. It’ll keep your feet cool and dry.

All these features will improve your performance and take your tennis ability to the next step. Hi-Tec has designed these shoes beyond the gender i.e. unisex shoes, which can be used by both genders.

Camel Crown Men’s Tennis Shoes

Camel Crown was established in 2005 and produces different products in the fashion design industry like shoes, bags, clothing for sports along yoga and fitness accessories. Now it has become an international brand and produces quality products.

Camel Crown has designed this shoe for comfort and style at a low price. It has many different and special features for players. 

These men’s athletic shoes with the breathable, mesh upper that is quick-dry, gives excellent breathability and cool feel during a heated tennis game, and take over the unpleasant odor.

The outsole gives nice cushioning, support, and shockproof performance on the court surface and has been manufactured with non-slip and elastic MD material for better stability and safety. The lining of these shoes gives a comfortable feel to get away from tiredness.

For moisture control, moisture-wicking insoles take care of sweat to avoid annoying dampness during the game. Shoes don’t have much weight but are quite a lightweight pair, that one can barely feel while wearing.

Alternatively, If you have to deal with uneven and firm surfaces and want to have anti-collision shoes, you can try Camel CROWN Men’s Non-Slip Athletic Shoes.

  • Lightweight, Supportive and Comfortable Shoes
  • Shock Proof and Anti-Skidding
  • Better Moisture Control Feature
  • Great Grip and Traction
  • All-Rounder(Multi-purpose) Shoes
  • Durability and Quality with Affordability
  • Wider Toe Box for Wide Feet
  • A player found them too Lightweight Shoes
  • Fits Half-size Less than True Size for few Players

Azooken Men’s Tennis Shoes

Soon after its release, this shoe became the No.1 New Release on Amazon. It is a very encouraging and positive sign for its buyers. Azooken has produced quality tennis shoes on a low budget and for wider fans. Like this shoe that has many features gathered in one place at an affordable price.

Synthetic material has been used to assemble these shoes. These lightweight and flexible tennis shoes have a knitted mesh upper called 3D diamond upper and that is quite breathable and provides desired ventilation.

Durable rubber outsole uses a wear-resisting technique for anti-slip and to prevent twisting of foot and ankle. Air cushion design absorbs shock and keeps the foot more comfortable position for better performance.

The midsole along with the outsole is comfy and bouncy and offers a nice grip to fulfill the tennis player’s need. Apart from tennis games, they can be used for multipurpose on different occasions like Gym, sports, or other athletic activities.

Wonesion Men’s Tennis Shoes

If you have a wish to play tennis with stylish and eye-catching tennis shoes within your low budget, then these shoes are perfect for you. 

Wonsion stood its shoes out from the masses by offering Fashion Blade and letter print design along with a slip-on closure type easy to put on or off, and a wide variety of colorful looks provide you stylish experience for a better body outlook.

At first look, these shoes got positive impressions from everyone due to the beautiful fashion mesh upper with a fancy look. The breathability keeps your feet dry, cool, and clean.

TPU rubber with blade structure has been used to craft the Outsole. It gives a non-slip feel on the court surface with enhanced durability, support, and comfort. These shoes can be used for many different athletic and non-athletic activities of normal routine.

In the midfoot, the interior and insoles of the shoe have a honeycomb composition for wonderful midfoot support, cushioning with improved shock absorption at the impact phase gives comfort and a light feel.

Best Women’s Tennis Shoes

In addition to the tennis shoes described above, many of them are available for women as well. The ratings in the product table are only for men’s shoes.

You can check out the ratings for those shoes here.


We have compiled a list of the best cheap tennis shoes for men and women to save you a lot of time. All levels of tennis players can find shoes to suit their needs, whether they are professional or recreational.

Let us know which one is your favorite and where you found the best pair of shoes for you in the comments. You may contact us at the earliest opportunity if any information or products are incorrect.

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