Novak Djokovic Sponsors, Net worth, Business, and Charity 2024

Novak Djokovic is a renowned and top-ranked (now No.1) Serbian international tennis player, playing professional tennis since 2003 to up-to-date. He has earned quite an amount by playing tennis internationally and by associating himself with famous tennis and non-tennis brands. The sponsors of Novak Djokovic include watches, clothing, racquet, shoes, and other industries.

He has many titles on his name in both singles and doubles, as of now the total number of Singles titles are 81 and 35 times as finalists.

It is convenient and easy to grab the attention of consumers for brands to associate themselves with top celebrities in every walk. It helps them to introduce new products and of life for promotion of existing products to a wide range of audiences.

Novak Djokovic’s Current Sponsors

When it comes to the sponsor’s list of Novak, he has quite a few sponsors as compared to his counterpart tennis players. Why? Well, he belongs to a progressive country Serbia, and it is not a rich country. While other players belong to rich countries comparatively.

In this post, we’ll take an overview of No. 1 world tennis players’ past and current sponsorship deals, their worth, and duration. It should be mentioned that every sponsorship agency doesn’t disclose financial terms and conditions, so we’ll quote other sources for their net worth details.

It is good to know that all of these sponsors are not from tennis, some of them are no-tennis as well, Novak uses equipment of both of them that forms his gear in tennis.

Novak has signed deals with many brands. Now, a few endorsements are active and some of them has finished by either Novak Djokovic or by brands, apart from his major prize money winnings, his current major active sponsors are as follows

Lacoste – Clothing Sponsors / T-Shirt

Head – Racquet Sponsors

Asics – Shoe Sponsors

Seiko – Watches

Ultimate Software – Software Sponsors

The above equipment of sponsors represents the gear of Novak Djokovic for 2022 and in the future.

Lacoste – Clothing Sponsors

Novak’s clothing sponsors’ history shows that at the beginning of his pro career Novak used to wear Adidas apparels, which he used to wear up to 2009. While later in the last year he signed a contract with Sergio Tacchini ( an Italian Clothing company) for 10 years. The Tacchini terminated its sponsorship in 2012 due to the uncertain success rate of Novak and it had fallen short in bonus payment to athletes.

Later on, Uniqlo (a Japanese clothing company) signed a five years deal of 8 million Euro(€) worth of sponsorship with a tennis athlete and Novak became a brand ambassador globally. After the Uniqlo contract expired, 

The famous French brand, Lacoste contracted with him for the next five years in May 2017 and appointed him as their brand ambassador for $9.4 million/year for 5 years i.e. up to 2022. 

Lacoste will provide him with tournaments and other supporting items and items will be printed with the crocodile logo and the personal logo of Novak as well. The brand has launched a special Djokovic line and apart from fabric clothing items, 3 sunglasses have also been added to this line.

Novak Djokovic sponsors deal with Lacoste is worth 8 figures and his highest sponsor deal.

You can check his clothing collection from the link below.

If you are Uniqlo’s tennis wear then you may visit Novak’s Uniqlo Collection.

Head – Racquet Sponsors

Novak Djokovic has been playing with the head racquet since 2001 and has long been sponsored by Head. As a teenager, he was chosen under the team-Head program and became Team Head to get a sponsorship deal.

At the beginning of his pro tennis career, Djokovic also used to play with a Head racquet i.e. Liquidmetal Radical tennis racquet. He shifted to Wilson later in 2005 for a while but not for long and in 2008 he reverted to Head after a few seasons.

Djokovic’s tennis racquet sponsor history shows that he used Head  YouTek Speed Pro in the Australian Open 2009. He also used other different Head racquets and paint jobs like YouTek IG Speed and endorsed Graphene Speed Pro. Novak shot a tv ad with Maria Sharapova to promote Head racquets.

In May 2018 Head extended its deal with Alexander Zverev and Novak and did not reveal financial details, but according to other sources, it is $7.5 Million/year and the deal will continue until 2023. 

You can explore Novak Djokovic’s racquet collection from the link below. The racquets signed by Novak are also available here.

Asics – Shoe Sponsors


Shoes are a vital part of tennis and help you to win and improve your game on the court. The Novak Djokovic endorses Asics tennis shoes and currently, he is using Asics Court FF2 in his game. 

Lacoste is the clothing sponsor for him and it does not produce tennis shoes, that’s why he has to use Asics tennis shoes. Novak used Adidas tennis footwear earlier, having Red and Blue colors back in 2011, which represented the Serbian flag. He formally signed a deal with Adidas in 2013 ahead of Roland Garros in 2013.

In January 2018, Asics contracted with Djokovic as a Global Footwear partner by introducing a shoe line associated with his name “Novak Gel Resolution”. Asics did not disclose the financial terms of the deal officially but according to a news source, it is $4 million/year.

You can explore Novak Djokovic’s favorite and flagship tennis shoes in the following link.

Soon we’ll write a review on Asics Court FF 2 for our visitors.

Seiko – Watch Sponsorships


In the past, Novak endorsed swiss watch company Piguet [Audemars Piguet] in August 2011 before joining Seiko- a Japanese watch manufacturer company. The sponsorship was announced on eve of US Open 2011 the last grand slam of the year.

The Piguet appointed him a brand ambassador along with other athletes such as Leo Messi, LeBron James, Sachin Tendulkar, etc.

After ending with his previous watch sponsor with Piguet, in January 2014, Novak Djokovic signed a deal with Seiko watches for 3 years and extended it later for the next 3 years up to 2020.

Novak earned $5 million a year from the partnership. Seiko presented the Astron GPS Solar watch at the ceremony. Now, both parties will continue their deal up to 2020 as Seiko has launched Seiko Astron Novak Djokovic 2020 Limited Edition on 02 February 2020.

The special Novak watch edition has the nod for tennis point systems like Love, 15, 30, and 40 for tennis lovers.

Peugeot – Electric Car Sponsors


The French car manufacturer had appointed Novak as an international ambassador for their brand on the eve of Peugeot’s 30th-anniversary partnership with Roland Garros in January 2014.

The partnership was struck for 3 coming years. Novak officially announced to display the logo of Peugeot on his left sleeve during the tournament. He did his job until 2017, later Peugeot’s logo was seen in Australian Open 2020, but it’s not clear that will it continue or it was short-term partnership.

Software Sponsorships – Ultimate Software

Among other sponsors of Novak Djokovic, On the last day of August of 2020 Ultimate Software, and Kronos Incorporated, two renowned companies merged and re-brand themself to form a new multi-national technology company Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG)

In the last year’s April 2019, Novak officially announced on Facebook that he has joined Ultimate software as the brand ambassador, but he did not explain much about the deal’s duration and financial terms while announcing. The logo of Ultimate software appeared first time on Novak’s sleeve in the Australian Open 2019.

Lacoste did not put a clean shirt in their contract with Nole to avoid other brands appearing with theirs. Nike also tends to do the same with its brand ambassadors.

Previous Sponsors of Novak Djokovic

Some past sponsors are Jacob’s Creek Australian winemaker, Mercedes-Benz the German luxury car manufacturing, Piguet, a Swiss watchmaker. Let’s have a look at them

ANZ – Australia & New Zealand Banking Sponsors

In the early Australian Open in January 2015, Novak joined hands with Australia and New Zealand Banking Group to run a social media campaign.

The campaign was aimed to collect charity for Asia pacific region countries and was special philanthropy work of Novak Djokovic. The ANZ group donated $2 for each social media post under the tag of #rallyforgood up to total money of $1000,000. The campaign ran throughout the Australian Open 2020.

Jacob’s Creek – Wine Sponsors

Jacob’s Creek is an Australian winemaker brand totally known as Pernod Ricard Winemakers was endorsed by Novak Djokovic, as the brand sponsored Australian Open 2015 as well. These sponsors of Novak Djokovic was aimed to describe his untold life story through the documentary film series named “Made By Moments” that led him to become a champion today.

You can view this short film series here from the link below.“Novak Djokovic Made By Moments”.

Mercedes Benz – Luxury Car Sponsorship

Mercedes Benz is a German luxury car manufacturing company, known internationally for its exotic luxury cars. Novak was appointed as the brand ambassador in Serbia and Montenegro and named as No1e(Nole) by Mercedes in the sponsorship signing ceremony.

It is for sure Mercedes paid him well and in $millions to endorse their brands. The car manufacturing brand has appointed him brand ambassador in September 2011. Amazon sells both new and used vehicles including cars.

Other Sponsors

Novak Djokovic also endorsed his country’s telecommunication company named “Telekom Srbija” back in 2011 and later FitLine a German nutritional supplement food company.

Businesses and Investments of Nole

The tennis star and No. 1 tennis player in the world have not just got sponsorship money from brands but also do invests and spends his money on a profitable business. Novak has invested in different industries like restaurants (a family business), real estate, etc.

Mostly, his business is run by his family members under the firm named “Family Sport” and their support.

Eqvita – A Vegan Restaurant of Novak Djokovic

Novak opened his family-run business of restaurants and cafes, his own restaurant by name of “Eqvita” at his residence city Monte Carlo in April 2016. It might not be breaking news to know that Djokovic became vegan and gluten-free in 2010. The restaurant has also been reportedly closed in 2019.

A book was also published in 2013 with the title “Serve to Win” in which he wrote about his vegan diet and how it can help an athlete to excel in his tennis career.


When Djokovic won the Rome Masters 2015 in Rome he launched his own nutritional food line by the name of DJOKOlife which is a gluten-free food line. The DjokoLife venture was officially announced by Novak on 18 May 2015.

These food products are inspired by Novak’s personal food experiences and will offer different products like 3 Seed Biscuits, Vegetable Drink, Fruit and Cereal Bars, Honey and Sesame Seeds Bars, and Toasts with Rice Flour and Oats.

Dutch Open Tennis Tournament

Novak purchased this franchise back in 2009 and moved it to Belgrade and was renamed Serbian Open. It gained the official ATP 250 status as well and was held every year at Belgrade.

He ran this and nurtured it for four years but unlucky the Nole was, he had to announce to cancel this only annual tennis event of Serbia due to low sponsors to Novak Djokovic and top tennis players’ attention. Later, he sold it back to ATP.

The Net Worth of Novak Djokovic – Career Earnings

In this section, We’ll discuss the total net worth/salary of Novak which includes the career prize money winnings on the court, sponsorship money, and other business earnings, and will conclude it as his career earnings of a lifetime.

Novak’s Djokovic’s lifetime or career earnings are $220 million at the end of 2020.

He is on No. 23 in a Forbes list titled “The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes 2020”.

Another list titled “Celebrity 100 2020” which shows the highest-paid celebrities of the year, Novak is at # 68 by Forbes.

  • His career prize money earnings are 145 Million US Dollar ($ 145,656,177) according to Wikipedia,  144 $ Million Forbes, and 143.63 Million $ US according to Statista. It is the highest prize money of all time as he is the firsts tennis player to win $100 million prize money in his career.
  • He is earning more than $30 million per year in earnings from his sponsorship programs only.

In the below table you find Novak Djokovic’s career earnings per year, which includes prize money(tennis salary) and sponsorships money.

YearPrize Money Earnings ($ Million)Endorsement Earnings ($ Million)Total worth of Year
2021$30 Million$4.5 Million$34.5M
2020$12.6 million$32 million$ 44.6 million
2019$20.6 million$30 million$50.6 million
2018$1.5 million$22 million$23.5 million
2017$9.6 million$28 million$37.6 million
2016$21.8 million$34 million$55.8 million
2015$17.2 million$31 million$48.2 million
2014$12.1 million$21 million$33.1million
2013$12.6 million$14 Million$26.6 million
2012$11.6 million $09 Million$20.6 million
2011$12.6 million$6 million$18.6 million
2010$4.2 million$4.2 million
2009$5.4 million$5.4 million
2008$5.6 millionWon first Grand Slam title$5.6M
2007$3.4 millionWon Davis Cup$3.4 million
2006$614 KWon first ATP title$614 K
2005$200 KQualified for the first Grand Slam$200 K
2003Turned Pro Tennis Player
Net Worth of Novak Djokovic – Prize Money & Endorsement Earnings

Note: Novak turned pro in 2003, qualified for the first Grand Slam Australian Open, and reached R3 of the Wimbledon & the US Open in 2005.

In 2006 he won his first ATP title “ Dutch Open”.

He won the Rogers Cup in 2007 by defeating Roger Federer (World No. 1), Rafael Nadal (World No. 2), and Andy Roddick (World No. 3).

Novak Djokovic’s Philanthropy

The legendary tennis star Novak Djokovic (Nole), is also ahead in his charity work and well known for this in the world. He has established a foundation that supports early childhood education in his country and Novak was appointed GoodWill ambassador for UNICEF in August of 2015.

Novak Djokovic Foundation

The Novak Djokovic Foundation comes on top of the education charity work of Nole. The NDF aims to provide quality preschool education to every child in Serbia. It works under different kinds of programs such as school adoption, Teachers Support, Development programs, and collaboration with others.

It also supports research work at the university level for scholars.

Novak built this foundation for the bright future of his country’s children, as he knew how he grew up in a torn country due to different conflicts.

UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador


The Unicef appointed Novak as his Serbia ambassador back in 2011 for the first time and later after 4 years, he was appointed as Goodwill ambassador in August 2015.

The Novak’s foundation also supported and funded the Unicef program Serbia’s innovative family outreach service. Unicef’s charity work made him more popular worldwide.

Why Brands Sponsor Sports Celebrities and Influencers?

Why do brands use influencer marketing platforms and sponsor market influencers? 

Usually, influencers are experts in relevant fields and have technical knowledge about the specific product, their pros, and cons, etc and their audience follows and takes their advice seriously.

The reason to affiliate with influencers is simple, to establish a business, create awareness, and enhance its worth to wider and targeted audiences. 

The brands sponsor and spend millions of dollars to endorse celebrities and in return, they get benefited way more than they invest. Some technical and logical reasons are

  • Cost-effective for brands
  • A wide range of marketing activities is possible like Contests and Giveaways.
  •  Through Social Media analytics and indicators (Likes, Shares, trends, Engagement rate, Audience demographics, and relevant reports, etc.) brands target events and grow quickly.
  • Huge Social Media followers available as a targeted audience and follow niche-celebrity recommendations.
  • Silent targeted audience enhance buying conversion rate
  • Brands tend to launch referral programs through celebrities to measure and get the best RoI.

So, that’s why brands pick top celebrities of sports/gaming as it has a wider range of audiences in every walk of life.

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