Best Junior Tennis Balls For All-Age kids 2024 | Buyer Guide

Junior tennis balls are different from standard balls. As they have different colors, materials, felt, specifically low bounce, and speed. Being a parent you should know these differences among these balls.

Kids tennis balls are classified against different age groups, ranging from 5-8, 9-10, 11 & Up Years. Each age group has its own different skills and requirements.

Our Recommendations For Best Kids Tennis Balls

Best Junior Tennis Balls

Wilson US Open Starter- For Beginners

As the name suggests that it’s a tennis ball for those kids or tier 3, whom they are starting. These balls are larger in size(than standard balls), have low pace, and have wonderful bright colors. These features make it easy for kids to play with the ball and boost confidence.

Wilson US Open Starter Balls

It’s perfect for kids 5-8 years or stage 2 to play and surprisingly dogs love these balls. This ball is designed for 36’ court.

  • All Rounder Ball- Suitable for all courts
  • Slower Pace and High Control
  • Low budget – High Quality
  • USTA Approved
  • Some Players may Don’t Like Low Bounce

Gamma Sports Foam Tennis Balls- For Beginners & Intermediate Players

Gamma sports has also manufactured kids’ tennis balls for beginner or intermediate juniors. A foam tennis ball for 36 ft. court and 70% slower than a standard ball. Its material is very soft and lightweight. Coaches can use this ball to train junior beginner players.

Gamma Sports Foam Kids Tennis Balls

Those players with somewhat experience can use this ball for worm-up cum practice, volleys, and drop shots.

  • Larger, slower, lighter excelent for kids control
  • Uses Dura-Coat , a surface coating that step up bounce and longevity.
  • Leaves no mark against a hitting surface
  • Meets ITF/USTA specification
  • Expensive but worth the value

Penn QST  Youth Felt Red Tennis Ball – Best For Experienced Juniors

Penn is one of the largest international tennis ball brands in the USA producing quality products for each line. It gives low compression and controlled bounce with 75% less speed. It makes them ideal for starters. A two-color combination makes the swing easy to detect and respond to effectively.

The felt used in manufacturing is excellent and makes it durable with comfortable gameplay. It’s approved by USTA for the 10 and under tennis program and 36-foot court. The plus point is that it’s available for all stages, that is stage1,2, and 3, which brings loyalty to players for this ball.

Alternatively, you can try this Pen Quick Starter Foam Ball Pack Or Dunlop Youth Squash.

  • Practice cum Regular Tennis Ball
  • Enhance confidence in Junior players to over come the game
  • Best for beginners and practice/training
  • Dogs also love it, buy it in bulk

Pen Quick Starter Foam Ball – For Mature Juniors

This Pen foam ball comes in case of 36 balls. It’s good for 8 years and under players. Although it has been approved for a quick start for 10 and under games.

It has oversize ( larger size than standard) which makes it easy to track on 36 ft. court. It has also been endorsed by the USPTA teaching pro organization.

The foam used to make this ball is high-density and lightweight which gives modified bounce and. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor games and also available in a package of 12 balls.

  • Best for 36 ft Court
  • For 8 Years & Under
  • Endorsed by USPTA
  • Good Choice for Starter Juniors
  • No Drawback Found

Dunlop Youth Squash Tennis Ball

Dunlop Squash ball is available in all-junior versions Red, Orange, and Standard Green for 5-7, 7-10, and 11 & up years old kids. Under 10 years old ball is total orange and 11+ ball is green.

Dunlop claims it has longer hang-time and higher bounce. It will help the kids to control and enhance their strokes. It has slightly over-size to improve visibility and is lighter in weight. The ball is packed in a box of 3 balls.

Dunlop Youth Squash Tennis Ball

It is a good choice for loyal-to-ball kids as it would help them with training and experienced gameplay.

  • Available for Practice and Experienced Kids
  • Standard Squash Ball Size
  • Slightly Higher Bounce and Hang-time
  • May not good for Squash as Opposed to the Name

It is a simple guide for elders to help them with junior ball selection. You can take a look for the best Junior tennis balls guide here.

How to Choose Best Tennis Ball for kids

As a child player, a child needs to concentrate on the game and to keep track of the ball. In order to keep in sync with the ball, a slower foam ball for younger players is good, as it has low bounce as well.

As they can’t keep the pace of the fast bowl and the kid would lose interest in the game. So a low bouncy ball is good for an introduction.

From start to standard, Kids balls fall in three stages that are suitable for use by kids and beginner tennis players. These are 3 stages

Stage 3 (Red) Foam Ball – For beginners

Stage 3 (Red) Standard Ball – The Slowest One

Stage 2 (Orange) – After some experience

Stage 1. (Yellowish Green) for standard court and player.

Classification of Junior Tennis Balls

Court Size Racquet Size Chart for Juniors

The simple and easy picture explains the difference between the different tennis courts and racquet sizes.

Junior Tennis Ball Specification Chart

Note: Please note it down that kids’ balls are usually large, have low bounce and slow speed as compared to the adult version. If you want to train your kid for professional tournaments then you should go for the small standard ball, only if the kid’s age 12 plus.


That was a brief guide for the kid’s tennis balls. We’ll keep updating this post and new products will be added. Please do suggest us, If you find any better product for Junior tennis players.

If you have any questions or feedback please contact us.

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