Best Tennis Ball Machine to Buy in 2024

Practicing tennis with another player or instructor is an advantage without any doubt. However, having any of them available for long practice sessions is quite difficult. That’s why one has to end up with the best tennis ball machine, as it can sort out the problem.

It eventually brings better practice coverage for long play and harder practice. 

As practicing from different angles, shots, and ball speed and height is possible with a machine that comes with artificial intelligence. It gives you the ultimate opportunity to prepare for the best and reach a next-level skill as well.

Getting professional servings and adjusting speed according to your training level helps to maintain a pace. 

Considering the importance and need for the best performing tennis ball machine, we are helping you with some resources. There are no doubts about a machine’s performance unless you have selected the best.

We are letting you pick up the appropriate option in terms of speed, performance, trajectory, portability, and other functions.

Recommendations For the Best Tennis Ball Machines in 2022

1- Spinshot Plus-2 – Best Tennis Ball Machine For The Money among Top 5 Machines

While choosing the best tennis ball machine the power, performance and smart controlling options are priority choices. Here the Spinshot plus- 2 tennis ball machine comes with Wi-Fi control and a flexible power setting that is completely remote to manage. It is featured with the player’s drills and having other program settings.

It has an OLED screen with a complete control panel that helps in quick setting adjustments. Moreover, the free mobile control application (Android and iOS) is also available to manage the oscillator operations. The overall weight of the machine is around 18kg with the dimension 18” x 12” x 20” that can be easily stored or carried.

Spinshot Plus-2 - Best Tennis Ball Machine For The Money among Top 5 Machines

The user can manage the setting with the free phone application or through the screen panel and save it for later usage. It also has an external battery connection with an easy power cage opening. You can attach it with the direct power supply to experience all-day training without interruption.

Moreover, the best portable tennis ball machine for the money provides a spin and high-speed setting. The player can check and adjust the spin setting as per preferences.

What is Best?
  • Spinshot Mobile App Show Battery Status
  • The Battery Will Sustain for More Than 2 Hours on High Speed
  • Quick Wi-Fi Connection to Android and iPhone
  • Solid and Sturdy for Lugging
  • Drill Maker 4 App can Setup Multiple Drills
What is bad?
  • Little expensive
  • Not good for irregular surface

2- Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine – Best For Intermediate to Advanced Player

It is quite hard to find an appropriate model of tennis machine for an intermediate to advanced player. Spinshot Plus is in the market with incredible features that turn it the best machine for intermediate to advanced players, due to the features, cost, and quick oscillation mode.

The best value tennis ball machine is controllable through the control panel and with a free mobile app as well. The player can experience versatile power options like a portable battery or direct AC cable connection. It offers easy oscillation setting up to 5 typical oscillations.

Spinshot Plus Machine - Best Tennis Ball machine for Intermediate to Advanced Player

It provides smartwatch compatibility, easy to connect with the phone through Wi-Fi, and most importantly comes with 120 balls capacity. The overall 19 kg weight with smart handle design helps in easy lugging. The variation in speed provides the control or changing of modes according to convenience.

The player can choose the favorite oscillation setting from the control panel and operate it with a free mobile app. To experience the long training it is good to connect with an external power cable.

Moreover, a single battery charge will sustain for 2 to 3 hours. The speed of the ball and oscillation setting is easily viewed over the LCD screen. Simply, considering all the above features in mind it is also the best tennis ball machine for tournament training.

What is Best?
  • Ideal 3 Hours’ Battery Time
  • Adjustable Oscillation For Beginner To Intermediate Players
  • Easy Lugging With a Durable Design
  • Compact Size And Easy Storage
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity Makes It Convenient To Control remotely
What is Bad?
  • Settings with iPhone create confusion

3- Wilson Portable Machine – Best Tennis Ball Machine For Beginners and Practice

If you are looking for the best tennis ball machine for practice, then Wilson portable tennis machine is highly compatible or flexible to choose from a pool of machines. It offers the best ball speed of 75mph with electronic elevation control.

The quality, performance, and interface are player-friendly and loved by both beginners and intermediate players for practice or to improve the game.

Wilson Portable - Best Tennis Ball Machine For Beginners and Practice

It is with a built-in battery that supports almost 4 hours of charge. The Wilson portable tennis machine is with a built-in towing handle and offers easy rolling. It has up to 110 balls capacity to hold with multiple oscillation settings.

The player can practice two-way oscillation like forehand and backhand shots. It is a multiple-user throwing machine that two players can practice at the same time. Isn’t that a great feature?

Due to quality assurance, the product is perfect to practice and take anywhere. Its overall weight is 38lbs which is quite convenient to carry.

What is Best?
  • Durable Design With the Towing Handle
  • Electronic Elevation Adjustment Technology
  • Sustainable 4 Hours Battery Support
  • Portable and Easy to Use Interface
  • Best tennis ball machine drills to practice for Doubles Event
  • Built-in Oscillator Shot balls Accros the Court
What is bad?
  • Expensive than other Ball throwing machines
  • The design did not justify the cost

4- Tennis Tutor Prolite Plus – Best Tennis Ball Machine Under $1000

The Tennis Tutor Prolite Plus comes with a variable oscillation that provides a perfect ball speed of 10 to 75mph. With the 110 balls capacity, the player can enjoy more training time with the best tennis ball machine. Its weight is 38lbs with the easy control knob and build-in towing handle.

It provides multiple shot deliveries and is easy to control with a wireless connection. Moreover, the battery sustainability for four hours provides tong time practicing session facility. Other than the remote control system it is good to start and stop with simple oscillation management.

Features like topspin, random oscillator, a wireless remote control, that too with 3 years warranty make it best tennis ball machine for home use under $1000 dollars.

Tennis Tutor Prolite Plus - Best Tennis Ball Machine Under $1000
What is Best?
  • Remote control operation setting
  • 4 Hours Long training session
  • Adjustable height and speed
  • Built-in Towing Wheels and Handle for easy portability
  • Powered battery support
  • Also available on 12 Monthly EMI
What is bad?
  • Challenging and not for beginners
  • Height & Angle Adjustment is a bit Difficult for few players

5- Tennis Tutor Plus Player with Multi-Function Remote – Best Value and Price Tennis Ball Machine

Tennis Tutor Plus Player Model is available with the patented player mode with automatic speed and spin adjustment. It is featured with more programs to adjust the spin at an advanced level and provide the facility to experience challenges. The player can practice forehand and backhand with multiple oscillating settings.

The best value tennis ball machine is with an easy-to-start push button and comes with the capacity of almost 150 balls. For the user there is no particular programming required to use the machine, it is simple with a quick push-button start. The player can drag it easily through a built-in towing handle.

Tennis Tutor Plus Player with Multi-Function Remote - Best Value and Price Tennis Ball Machine

One of the best features is a programmed simulation, which automatically picks spin, speed, and depth of ball just like the real player as an opponent. Further, you can practice backhand and forehand shots with the 2-line oscillator at the same time, or double players can play with it.

The tennis ball throwing machine is with a more sustainable rechargeable battery. Its battery time provides the long 6 hours training session with speed variation. The Wi-Fi connectivity provides an easy connection feature with the phone app.

What is Best?
  • Automatic picks speed and spin like real Player
  • Best Tennis Ball Machine for Beginner to Intermediate
  • 2-Line Oscillator Features
  • Up to 6 Long Hours Practice Session
  • Remote Control and Phone App Compatibility
What is bad?
  • Remote model is expensive than others

6- Playmate Smash – Best High-End Tennis Ball Machine For Professional and Advanced Players

The Playmate Smash is the best professional tennis ball machine and the lightest ball machine on the market as well with a simple interface. It is lighter in weight that makes lugging easier with durability security.

The high interval balls delivery system and elevations make it an ideal practicing machine for intermediate and expert level players.

Playmate Smash - Best High-End Tennis Ball Machine For Professional and Advanced Players

The Playmate is the fastest and most expensive tennis ball machine that can hold up to 300 balls with the multiple spins program setting. The professional players can experience more control and spin setting with versatile programs. Further, the controllers are perfect to handle and easier to use to advance every player.

The player can use the machine for versatile drills and manage the easy delivery with the best controls. It is featured with the 7 different position programs and all are available to manage through the control panel.

For the professional players to practice the game for the best results, the playmate smash ball machine is highly compatible.

No doubt it is a high-end and lightest tennis ball machine that weighs 25lbs only. But this maneuver is easier and more sustainable. You can position the multiple directions and control through the remote control as well.

What is Best?
  • High-End and Lightest Tennis Ball Mall Machine
  • Easy to Upgrade and fastest Tennis Ball Machine
  • Offer 7 Different Programmable Positions
  • 300 Balls Capacity
  • Variable Topspin, Backspin, Elevations, and Trajectories
  • Controlling System Is Manual as Well as Remote
  • Versatile in the Selection of Intervals and Delivery Systems
What is Bad?
  • Not Suitable for Indoor Sessions
  • Not Recommended For the Beginners

7- YLOVOW Ball Machine – Best Tennis Ball Machine For Home Use or Personal Use

YLOVOW tennis ball machine is a lightweight tennis ball machine with an easy-to-use interface and offers versatile speed settings. It is highly flexible and portable with an external battery for practicing. Due to its durable body structure, shape, or design the tennis ball machine by YLOVOW is the best throwing machine on market.

YLOVOW Ball Machine - Lightest Tennis Ball Machine On The Market

It has a different interface, high-quality motor functions without noise. Its battery can be charged with 100 to 240 v power and has the capacity to hold 180 balls. The 22kg weight makes it lighter for lugging and durable that sustain while moving and setting.

The player can experience the best interface with easy throwing. It is with an adjustable speed of almost 20 to 140 km per hour and the feed rate is 1.8 to 6 seconds. The long battery life, sustainable metal body, and overall interface turn the tennis ball machine perfect to use. 

The Ylovow is yet another lightest tennis ball machine on the market, recommended for personal use and beginner to intermediate players for practice as well.

What is Best?
  • Lightweight and Durable Body Structure
  • 3 Hours’ Battery Life
  • Adjustable Ball Speed as Per Preference
  • High-End Motor Quality With No Noise
  • Cordless Design With the Sustainable Wheel to Move
What is Bad?
  • Expensive than other tennis ball machine of the same class
  • No Mobile app compatibility

8- Spinshot-Player – Best Selling Tennis Ball Machine in the World

Spinshot-player tennis ball machine is featured with multiple drill types or programs that are easy to adjust over the machine. It is the best high-end tennis ball machine with multiple oscillator settings. It offers a feed rate to manage the favorite drill and comes with a patented De-Jam design.

The reviews, features, and multiple speed adjustments give it a rank of one of the top 5 best tennis ball machines. The machine comes with 12 pre-program drills that suit the player’s preferences. 

Spinshot-Player - Best Selling Tennis Ball Machine in the World

Moreover, the player has the facility to create a personalized program with easy control settings. You can manage control with a panel or through the Android and Apple iPhone mobile app.

The size is compact with a 19kg weight that is considered ideal for lugging. The player can customize the drill with the dimension, spin, rotation, and speed to throw 6 consecutive shots. 

Further, it is having a capacity of around 120 balls with more remote options.

Playing with a Spinshot-Player model tennis ball machine offers the best experience. Like it supports an external battery connection without opening the power cage for connection. The budget range makes it the best selling, price, and value tennis ball machine on the market.

What is Best?
  • Mobile App Can Program Speed, Spin, Height, Angle, and Feed Rate
  • Flexible Power Options For Players
  • High Tolerance Towards Debris
  • Low Price Extra Battery Support
  • Sustainable Long-Run Performance
  • Best Value Tennis Ball Machine With 12 Monthly EMI Availability
What is Bad?
  • App With Poor Interface
  • Heavy To Handle

9- Spinshot Pro – Best Battery-Powered Tennis Ball Machine Review

In the multiple options of the best tennis ball machine, Spinshot Pro is considered the best and easy-to-use model. It is available with easy knob-controlled functions that are flexible to adjust that even junior kids can use this tennis ball machine.

Spinshot Pro - Best Battery-Powered Tennis Ball Machine Review

With the 4 flexible power connections, it can throw the ball with a speed of 20kmph that goes up to 110kmph with multiple functional facilities. 

The manufacturer calls it the best tennis ball machine for family use, which seems fit to this model with the smart-watch one-button feature to start and stop for everyone.

The ball hopper can carry 120 balls for a player to enjoy the best training sessions. The machine is super easy to use with simple function operations. Keeping 2-3 hours battery timing for the whole family, it can be referred to as the best battery-powered tennis ball machine.

It has four power connectivity options for players to practice direct AC power, on battery, charging and playing and a spare battery connection without opening a power cage.

What is Best?
  • Adjustable speed functioning with the Remote control
  • Easy interface for all players
  • Charging power battery support
  • No-Plastic-Made Ball Machine
  • Flexible oscillation facility
What is Bad?
  • The battery timing and the ball pace isn’t the same as stated

Buyer Guide – How to select the Best Tennis ball Machine?

Here is the quick guide that helps you to process the ultimate buying decision for the best tennis ball machine for advanced players.  

Pricing or Budget Range

The average price range of the tennis ball machines ranges between $350 to almost $6,000. When you want to go for the best high-end tennis ball machine on a budget then you should spend between $650 to $2800. 

Usage Frequency – How many times a machine will be used in a week?

Spending on an entire machine may seem a luxury expense to you but in actual it is not.

If you are practicing once a week then you may find it expensive. However, practicing for about 4-5 days a week requires you to have a machine for sure. More usage will justify the one-time cost for at least coming three to five years. 

Technical Features to Consider For Multiple Skill Levels 

Before buying a machine, you should know your playing level, either its beginner, intermedia, or advanced or Professional level.

As each level needs different features with versatile options. Each feature is explained for all levels of players below.

Ball Capacit

Usually, it ranges from 70-300 balls that can be stored in the ball hopper of the machine. So it’s your choice which hopper suits you. A beginner and Intermediate player should go for a bigger one.


It varies between, horizontal, vertical, or random. The direction of the ball that the machine can throw in the court. 

With a horizontal, a player can practice for backhand, forehand, or straight shots, and a vertical oscillation throws overheads, high lobs, and low volleys. As obvious, the random can throw the ball in any direction for advanced players.

Beginner level machine throws one direction while advanced and best tennis ball machine offer all types of oscillations.

Feed Rate

It refers to how many balls a machine can throw with intervals, or how much time you have between shots. Usually measured in seconds ranging from 1-5-10 seconds or more. 

Obviously, beginners should choose high intervals while advanced players have low time.

Ball Speed

Speed determines how fast and the slow ball will be thrown. Normally speed ranges from 10 to 95 mph. Beginners can opt for slow while advanced players fast machines.

The best ball machine offers the slow-fastest speed for everyone. 

Ball Height/Elevation/Trajectory

How much high or down or at which angle the ball will be released from the machine. Some machines offer manual and few electronic elevation control. The high-end ball machines offer both manual, electronic, and programable height control. 

This feature helps to play low volleys, groundstrokes to overhead.

Drills (Programmable/Custom and Fixed)

Custom or programmable drills really help an advanced player to improve their tough shots (like a pro coach does), while for intermediate players it helps them to improve their control, spin, and practice to face a tough opponent.

Fixed/integrated drills are helpful for new or beginner players. In the following video, check the best drills for the tennis ball machines.

Learn Tennis Ball Machine Drills

Spin (Topspin / Backspin)

Based on spin technology machines are two types,  spinning wheel (counter-rotating wheels), and air pressure (pneumatic pressure), offer two spins, topspin to backspin. 

Depending on budget, machines offer no spin, single spin, or both spin. While the best tennis ball machine offers both and even a custom amount of spin for professional players. 

Operating Control: Remote, App, or Panel

Machines have 3 types of control, remote control, mobile app, and control panel on the machine. 

Remotes that have majority features are referred to as fully functional remote, while with few features are simple remotes. The Android or Apple iPhone mobile apps have more functionality than remotes.

You have more control on mobile apps depending on budget, like custom drills, programable elevation and, spin control, etc. 

While operating the machine control panel you need to stop the game and have to make adjustments with buttons, alternatively with a remote, mobile app, or smartwatch offers an uninterrupted game.

Power Connectivity and Battery Timing 

Setting up a machine in the field is not as simple as placing the net. You need to look out for the power options as well

Primarily 4 options are there 1- Direct AC power, 2- on Battery, 3- Charging battery while playing, and 4- external/spare battery (while your machine’s battery has drained). You can choose which model suits you.

Spinshot Pro, Spinshot Plus, and Spinshot Plus 2, and, mostly machines mentioned before support all four power plug options. While 3-4 battery timing is best for every level of player.


Usually ball machines offer 1-3 years of parts, machine, or both. The best warranty of a ball machine even offers a lifetime warranty of parts like SIBOASI Sports S2015, which is the best budget tennis ball machine.

You must check a warranty, method of claim, and office locations before spending on expensive machines.

Portability, Size  & Weight: 

Size and weight do matter when you have to move the machine out for practice in the court. The ideal weight for the best tennis ball machine is around 40lbs or plus.

You need to select a portable and smaller size machine, with large towing wheels(preferably to port every surface), an adjustable towing handle, detachable ball hopper, and rectangular type square shape that is easy to transport, store in car’s trunk, and store at any place.

Playmate Smash, Spinshot Lite, Siboasi Sports, and YLOVOW are the best lightest tennis ball machines less than 40lbs weight.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Having questions about the best tennis ball machine is common. It is something that pops up in your mind anytime. To make your decision easier with the right kind of tennis ball machine, we are answering some of the questions.

What is the best tennis ball machine to buy on the Market?

We can’t simply say the XYZ machine is the best ball-throwing machine. It depends which feature in the best tennis ball machine are you looking for? Or how do you define “best ball machine” for you?

If you are looking out for a smart lightweight and multi-functional tennis ball machine then Spinshot Pro, Spinshot Plus, for lightweight and personal use Spinshot lite Model is the best option to buy.

Many further options have been discussed above. Please go through it once before selecting the “best-for-you” ball machine.

What is the best way to change a tennis ball machine battery?

The safest and best way to change the tennis ball machine battery is by turning it off and offloading any balls in there. Make sure to place is dry and non-inclined and the machine is in resting position.

Every machine has different instructions to change the battery, please follow the instructions available in the user manual. For reference, purpose watch Spinshot machine video while changing the battery.

Do not try to be rough with the battery socket as it can damage the battery and machine as well. 

What are the best pressure-less tennis balls for a ball machine? 

Tourna or Gamma Pressureless Tennis balls are ideal for ball machines. These give a nice and similar bounce every time the machine throws a ball. 

Therefore, you can experience similar hits and shots with them. Heavy duty and quality manufacture ensure the long life of the balls. 

What is the best place to use a tennis ball machine? 

Placement of your tennis ball machine is essential for the ultimate practice. You need to look around for an outdoor lawn or park having nicer peace. A place with its boundaries or using the tennis net to cover a specific area can be even better. 

It will help you in collecting the balls and avoid any inconvenience for the people in your surroundings.

Additionally, if you want to improve specific shots then you should place them in baseline, serve position, or middle of the court, it depends on you.

Why is it necessary to get the best tennis balls to use in a lobster tennis ball machine? 

Every machine has its own specifications and compatibility. You need to study the compatible lines of a machine in the selection of the balls. It helps machines to perform well and work for a long time. Moreover, you can practice better with these balls. 

Should I look for the Best battery-operated tennis ball machine? 

Well if you have issues with the power supply at the practice area and cannot manage the electrical outlet there. Then you need to look for the best battery-operated tennis ball machine.

Spinshot Pro, Spinshot Plus, and Spinshot Plus 2 are the ideal options in battery-operated tennis ball machines. 

What should the speed of a tennis ball machine be to improve consistency?

A consistent speed can help you to improve the shot consistency. For beginners to intermediate players, 80 mph is the ideal speed, and the professionals can hit up to 120pmh – 130mph as well. 


Selecting the right kind of tennis ball machine impacts your overall performance and outcomes at the same time. To increase your practice worth and come up with some quick results, you need to practice more. 

It requires you to have a cost-efficient and reasonable private setup. Buying the best tennis ball machine can help you to make a one-time long investment that pays off around the year or more. 

Be careful with your one-time purchase and continue playing with passion. The guide can help you in selecting the right options of your choice to lead the game. 

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