Best Tennis Ball Machines Under $1000 and $500 in 2024

If you came here looking for the best tennis ball machines Under $1000 or even $500, then it is assumed that you are either a beginner or committed tennis player who wants to improve your game within a budget. It’s obvious that you are committed to having the best tennis ball machine regardless of any further motivation.

Although you are motivated to buy a tennis ball machine, to encourage your choice, it’s explained why you should use a tennis ball machine.

You can also know here the best tennis ball machines at all prices or overall best machines for all types of courts.

Why should you use a tennis ball machine?

There are certain benefits, few drawback and situations to use ball machine, some pros of using them are 

  1. Improve your tennis skills like ball control and spins, and enhance your playing level(beginner > intermediate > pro player) without a tennis coach.
  2. You are alone and don’t have or can’t afford a tennis coach or Academy.
  3. Helps you to adjust your strokes.
  4. You can practice against variable ball speed, height, and direction(for forehand, and backhand shots, etc)
  5. To warm up for a professional match
  6. Your tennis coach is away or on vacation.

When you should not use a ball machine?

  1. It’s not an alternative to Human coaches, as they are more versatile.
  2. Not at all substitute for a competitive tennis player.

Beginner’s Tip: If you are a tennis enthusiast and don’t have a budget at all, Alternatively you can play against a wall with a low-bounce/pressureless tennis ball to practice at a beginner level.

Recommendations For Best Tennis Ball Machines Under $1000 and $500

Whether you are a beginner or want to have a tennis ball machine for personal use, budget is always playing an important role. So to have the best budget tennis ball machine with features like battery-powered and portable, cheap and lightest as well. 

So, let’s have a sneak peek at the best tennis machines under $1000 and $500 dollars.

1- Spinshot Lite Basic Model – (Best Tennis Ball Machine For Beginners Under $1000)

Spinshot Lite Basic Model-Best-Tennis-Ball-Machine-For-Beginners Under-$1000

Most tennis players can’t afford high-end tennis ball machines, especially beginner players. The Spinshot Lite, an automatic tennis ball launcher is on top of our list of best tennis ball machines under $1000. It offers several features for tennis players.

The Lite model of Spinshot is an ultra-portable tennis ball machine with an adjustable and extendable handle, on which you can put your tennis backpack easily. As its design has a square shape that can be stored anywhere easily, especially in cars’ backside trunk.

Lite model has 3 power connectivity options AC Power, battery-powered, and External or spare battery connection. These are the most convenient power options that a beginner tennis ball machine offers so that you can practice for long hours.

Spinshot has named it a Junior model, but it is also the best tennis ball machine for beginners, as it offers suitable features for them. Like it offers variable speed control, ball height, and feed interval.

What is Best?
  • Spinshot offers a warranty
  • Highly portable, can be stored in Car’s Trunk and
  • 10 Sec to go on the other side of the court
  • Easy to use for beginners and Juniors
  • Offer a consistent Feed best to learn basic shots
What is Bad?
  • It does not support Oscillation and only shoots with topspin.
  • Without Remote Control

2- SAM iSAM Value – Best Battery Powered tennis ball machine Under $1000

SAM iSAM Value - Best Battery Powered tennis ball machine Under $1000

If you don’t want to get a bulky and huge size ball machine under $1000, then Mathcmate has produced SAM iSAM Value which is the lightest ball machine on the market in its class.

It has quite a large ball hopper that can store up to 300 balls, which is good for practice and warm-up sessions. The iSAM has an adjustable ball height feature that varies from groundstrokes to overheads and high lob shots as well.

The USA assembled and manufactured machine can is value for money. It can handle beginner, intermediate, junior, and senior tennis players with ease. For sustainable performance and customer support Matchmate offers a 2 years parts warranty.

While talking about power connectivity it has 3 modes, i.e. AC power, on battery, and AC mode while charging.

What is best?
  • Inexpensive and value for money Tennis ball machine
  • Works fine for Intermediate to Advanced players as well
  • Excellent Ball hopper capacity
  • With 38 lbs weight, it’s the lightest weight machine
  • Ball Hopper can also cover machine when not in use
What is bad?
  • Without wheels, it’s difficult to port.
  • No Remote Control

3- Tennis Tutor Pro Lite Plus – Best Ball Machine Under $1000 For Personal Use

Most tennis players in densely populated areas have small spaces to practice. So to have the best tennis ball machine for personal use that is under $1000 then Prolite Plus is a perfect choice.

Tennis Tutor Pro lite Plus - Best Ball Machine Under $1000 For Personal Use

Tennis Tutor has added a topspin button that offers variable spin shots with a reason ball feed rate which is 1.5 to 10 sec. When it’s about oscillations then Pro-lite offers random oscillation that helps random shots throughout the court.

A smart battery charger charges it quickly and when the battery is fully charged you can enjoy up to 4 hours of training/practice session. If a remote is ordered then with it then you enjoy an uninterrupted tennis game.

The manufacturer offers a 3 years warranty, which is the longest duration for any ball machine in the industry, as claimed by the company.

Built-in towing wheels along with the handle, small and feasible design makes it storage easy and best portable ball machine in $1000 budget.

What is best?
  • Topspin button offer amazing topspin shots
  • Manually Ball trajectory setting offers groundstroke to lob
  • Delivers random shots in the whole court
  • Easy to set up with 5 secs delay
  • Best value for the money
What is bad?
  • Single Power mode, cant be charged while playing.
  • Remote can cost an extra $200
  • Needs to charge Before Using

4- Lobster Elite Liberty— Best Portable Tennis Ball Machine Under $1000

When it comes to portability then no other feature can stand out, as its primary feature for machines. So to have the best portable tennis ball machine under $1000 Lobster Elite Liberty is a perfect choice.

The handle is adjustable and detachable, which means it can be removed whenever you don’t need it like to store it in the car’s trunk. Lobster elite can accommodate 150 balls that lead to longer hours on the court with up to 4 hours of battery timing.

Lobster Elite Liberty-- Best Portable Tennis Ball Machine Under $1000

Most players want a variety of spin balls, that is why players have 2 spin options in it i.e. topspin and backspin. While oscillations Elite Liberty can produce random corner-to-corner and high lobs horizontal oscillations.

Elevation of ball height can be adjusted manually ranging from 0-50 degrees which improvise playing skills. Further, it comes with 8-inch wheels large size wheels that make it easy to move on any surface.

While in bottom handholds make it more convenient to pick up and down.

That’s why such portability makes it the best portable tennis ball machine in the market.

What is best?
  • Compact machine easily fit while storing or transporting
  • Offer 2 modes of spin shots
  • Ball speed is quite variable i.e. 20-80 mph
  • Weight is reasonable
  • Random shoots improve game rapidly
What is bad?
  • With 35 pounds, it’s a little bulky
  • Single power mode works with battery only

5- SIBOASI Sports S2015 – Best Battery Powered Tennis Ball Machine

SIBOASI Sports S2015 - Best Battery Powered Tennis Ball Machine under $1000

Most tennis courts either in an academy or any other tennis facility, don’t have nearby AC power connections, that’s why a battery-powered tennis ball machine is the best choice for these scenarios.

SIBOASI Sports S2015 offers wide and variable features for all levels of tennis players. Siboasi is offering this low-budget machine among other models of machines. Using intelligent technology, this machine is equipped with a tennis training module for beginners to improve response time and overall game.

Above all other features, Siboasi is offering a lifetime warranty for its parts and machine, which is incredibly ideal for players who can afford this more than $1000 model, It is why this is the only model in our list of under 1000 dollars.

It offers several remote-controlled features like oscillation fixed point with up and down button, random, deep ball and topspin and backspin buttons help in improving the game.

Note: In order to keep the machine fault-free, keep ball hairs clean and switch off immediately after the ball is stuck to avoid burning the mainboard.

What is best?
  • Has fully functional remote control
  • Lifetime guarantee of the machine and spare parts
  • Reversible hopper & retractable handle
  • More convenient feed rate from 10- 70 Seconds
  • Works fine for all level of players
What is bad?
  • Not custom programmed
  • The battery is without a status display

List of Best Tennis Ball Machines Under $500

There are a lot of tennis players who want to know which ball machines are best for them on a $500 dollars budget. So, to serve the purpose we have found some ball machines for them.

Remember, when you are on a lower budget like $300-$500, then you have to make some compromises, and you have few choices. We have tried our best to furnish the best ball machines for tennis for you.

6- Quickstart Rookie – Best Tennis Ball Machines Under $500

Match Mate Quickstart Rookie - Best Tennis Ball Machines Under $500

Matchmate has designed a basic level of ball machine that meets budget requirements and basic training of tennis players. It’s basically a first-timer and beginner player(junior or adult) ball machine with limited features.

It is among the lightest ball machines weighing only 22 lbs ( almost 10 kg) can be transported easily, although the machine has been crafted with heavy-grade aluminum. The ball speed is variable with other adjustable features like feed rate and trajectory variation.

A battery-powered machine with quite a long battery timing of 5 hours can lead a player to get exhausted rather than the machine.

What is best?
  • Max 30 mph Ball Speed, up to 50 ft distance
  • Suitable for first-time tennis players
  • Durable outer shell
  • Smart charger prevents overcharging of battery
  • Best settings for Kids and Junior players
  • Value for money With Up to 5 hours Battery
What is bad?
  • Only One wheel for transportation makes it difficult

7- AnBt Tennis Ball Machine – Lightweight & Best Budget Machine under $500

AnBt Tennis Ball Machine - Lightweight & Best Budget Machine under $500

Tennis players often have different requirements for machines like lightweight within a specific budget. In this case, AnBt is the best lightweight choice for under a $500 dollars budget.

As mentioned before about compromises, this ball machine can throw up to 13 ft plus or 4 meters and it can hold 30 tennis balls. It means you can practice for 4 minutes with a full ball hopper that is appropriate for new players.

While talking about power connection options, AnBT accommodates 2 connections, on battery or AC power plugged-in. Furthers it can operate with four types of batteries that is a more supportive option.

One year warranty is also reasonable for parts with after-sales service.

When it comes to drills, you can practice backhand, forehand, short balls, volleys, baseline shots with more footwork. As it’s quite portable so you can use it on the tennis court, garden, garage, or even a park.

What is best?
  • Lightweight and Durable ball machine with 2 kg weight
  • Multitracks can hold 30 balls
  • Works fine for For All Ages and Levels
  • Convenient to use at different venues
  • Cheapest Tennis Ball Machine of its class
What is bad?
  • Does not support 7.5cm Diameter Balls
  • Batteries Need to purchase separately

8- Matchmate Quickstart TBM-100 – Best Tennis Ball Machine For High School Students

Either you are a junior or high school student tennis enthusiast, in order to improve your game the best ball machine can help you. Matchmate has come up with a phenomenal solution with its Quickstart tennis ball machine.

Its ball feed can throw standard tennis balls up to 32mph and with all 3 stages junior balls with 30mph speed. Quickstart as the name suggests tosses balls with 10secs interval that is quite safe for junior and high school players.

As it has 3 motors but due to high-grade aluminum construction, it doesn’t weigh much. Just has 29 pounds or 13 Kg with 2 wheels isn’t that much for high-schoolers to carry, for few juniors it may be.

 For some senior players, it has topspin features with more ball speed to practice on the court. In order to keep it safe from overcharging, the smart charger plays its role.

What is best?
  • Best for High School Beginners and Junior Players
  • Easy to Transport with Two Wheels
  • Supports All sizes Standard and Junior Tennis Balls
  • 10 Second Ball Throwing Delay for Safety
  • Battery at the bottom for easy Approach
What is bad?
  • Doesn’t support Oscillations
  • Ball Speed is not Fast Enough

9- Tennis Twist – Best Tennis Ball Machine Under $300

Tennis Twist - Best Tennis Ball Machine Under $300

Sports Tutor has designed the most affordable or inexpensive tennis ball machine for junior and beginner tennis players with distinct features.

It can hold 28 balls in its ball hopper and can throw it with 15 mph speed that goes to 12-20 feet distance, quite safe for juniors. The USA-made machine has a durable plastic case along with a carrying handle.

Tennis Twist has an incredible 10 hours of battery timing that is enough for even all-day practice of matches with this machine. But the bad thing is the battery is not included in and you have to purchase it separately.

The manufacturer is offering 3 years warranty of parts and labor expenses are quite enough. In this price range, it’s quite a cheap and portable tennis ball machine.

What is best?
  • Best affordable ball machine for tennis under $300
  • Small in size, Easy to Carry For Juniors
  • Lightweight with 5 Kg (11 lbs) Only
  • More than 80% positive reviews by buyers
What is bad?
  • Fixed 15 mph ball speed

10- YUEWO Machine For Kids and Adults – Best Small Tennis Ball Machine

YUEWO Machine For Kids and Adults - Best Small Tennis Ball Machine

YUEWO is a quite portable, inexpensive tennis ball machine that works for both kids and adults on the market. It is another version of AnBt ball machine and with the same features.

With just 4.8 lbs weight, and being the small tennis ball tosser it can be placed inside a bag, isn’t that great? If you love to play pickleball then the YUEWO machine can do throwing for you as well.

Its assembling and disassembling are as easy as 1,2,3 plus it has 2 power connectivity options on battery or AC powered when plugged in. Except for 7.5cm diameter balls, all kinds of tennis balls can be thrown with them.

What is best?
  • Lightweight and Portable to adjust in the Backpack
  • Small in size even with 8 Tracks for balls
  • Can be used at any training Venue
  • Supports Multiple Drills Practice
  • Ideal for Casual and Fun Tennis Players
What is bad?
  • No buyer review on Amazon

How to Select Best tennis ball machines under $1000 and $500?

In order to select the best tennis ball machine, you can go through this guide. In this guide, we have covered technical & general details for beginner and professional tennis players.

Technical aspects like feed rate, Oscillations, ball capacity, Ball height, and others along with relevant FAQs have been covered.


Which is the best compact tennis ball machine?

The compact machine is one that can be fitted into a backpack or in a car’s trunk. In are Spinshot lite basic model and Yuewo machine that can be disassembled to put in your backpack.

What is the best ball machine for tennis for home use?

If you have no proper nearby tennis court and want to practice at home in the garden or backyard then Spinshot Plus or Siboasi Sports is good to go.

Which tennis ball machine is best for commercial use?

We have reviewed the best ball machines for tennis in which  Playmate Smash, Spinshot Plus, and, Spinshot Pro are best for commercial use.

Suggest some, I’m looking for some of the best tennis ball machine deals.

By best deals of ball machines, if you meant cheap machines then we have covered under $500 ball machines for your ease.

Further, for your ease Amazon has a page to view bestseller tennis ball machines, you can check them by clicking the above link.

What are the best entry-level tennis ball machines?

Entry-level or for beginner Tennis Tutor Pro Lite and, Spinshot Lite Basic Model are recommended for under 1000 dollar budget. Further entry-level machines can be viewed in this article on tennis ball launcher machines.

How I can find the best condition but used a tennis ball machine?

In the online market, there are plenty of platforms that you can search for used ball machines of tennis, like 

  1. Amazon (Refurbished machines in good conditions with Amazon warranty)
  2. Facebook Marketplace or Tennis buy and sell groups
  3. Craig list
  4. Ball machine Manufacturers (mostly they offer used, refurbished, discontinued, or simply discounted machines)
  5. Local or some online Tennis Stores
  6. eBay
  7. Local Classified Sites of 

Is it worth buying a new or used tennis ball machine?

Of course, a ball machine is worth buying as it’s the best alternative of human or practice partner that for a long time too.

If you intend to buy a used machine then beware that it should

Have valid warranty as Sports Tutor machines come with 3 years, Spinshot and Lobster machines come with 2 years warranty.

Ball machines can last up to 10 years if you take good care and maintain it properly.


When it is about the budget the majority of tennis players low-budget alternatives to expensive ball machines.

As most readers here can’t expensive and high-end tennis ball machines, that’s why we have reviewed best ball machines under $1000 and $500 dollars.

Overall, Spinshot Lite is the winner of the under $1000 dollar list and Siboasi Sports is runner up. While in the $500 list Tennis Twist by Sports Tutor is at the top and Matchmate Quickstart is in 2nd.

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