Roger Federer Upcoming Matches Updates

Roger Federer Decided to reduced his upcoming matches in 2020 in recent press conference. Roger Federer decided that, he won’t play a competitive singles match between the end of ATP final and also won’t like to play his first match at the 2020 Australian Open in late January 2020. These points will have great impact on his remaining career.

In recent press conference Roger Federer committed his upcoming matches detail of 2020 already few time later, that he want to play only all Great Slams plus with some other important events such as the Olympics. Roger Federer decided he will not play any tournament in run up to the 2020 Australian Open.

Roger Federer was speaking  in Media interview before the final of ATP Cup Final 2019 he confirmed the news about his career. Many people in now days predicting that 2020  his last year as a professional tennis player because Federer has been so open and early with his schedule announcements, which is not usually the case.

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