The Lawn Tennis and History? A Snippet to Professional Tennis

When does someone say What is tennis or Lawn tennis? then only two things struck your mind a racket and a ball. As almost everyone knows that Tennis (originated from Lawn Tennis) is a racquet sports played outdoor and indoor between players. It can be played individually and in the team format.

When it’s played between two individual players is called Singles and doubles when two opponents play against the other two opponents.

Racket and tennis ball (rubber ball) are key components. The racket is strung with cords to hit the ball towards opponents. The player plays ball in a way that the opponent can’t play a valid shot or return it easily.

History Of Tennis

The modern tennis or Lawn Tennis is originated from Briminngham, England (Britain) in late 19th century. It was played on grassy grounds (Grass Courts) by britain ladies and gentelmen. It has also traces back to 12th-13th century when french people ised to play a gme named “jeu de paume” (game of the palm). From this jeu de paume the game  “real tennis” was originated. It’s still played on some areas of Britain, USA and Autralia with different names i.e. real tennis, court tennis  and royal tennis respectively.

Modern Tennis Tournaments

Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments

Today’s tennis is evaluated from the 19th century in which Men and Wome play by Racket and tennis ball in the venue called tennis court. These four majors (tournament) are played annually and alphabetical order. They are governed by the highest governing Body “ International Tennis Federation (ITF)”  established in 1913.

Four tournaments are called Grand Slam also termed as Majors named as Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon Championships and the US Open. These tournaments are played on different surfaces, such as Australiana & US open on Hard Courts and the French Open on Red Clay, and the Wimbledon is played on grass courts.

Grand Slam Schedule

Tournament NameSchedule
Australian Open January- February
French Open May-June
Wimbeldon June-July
US Open August-September

ATP Tennis Tours Tournaments

Masters 1000

It’s recognized as annual men “ATP World Tour Masters 1000” and it is 3rd highest after Grand Slam tournaments. It was started in 1990 and a series of 9 tournaments. This series is referred to masters 1000 because after winning this one can earn one thousand ranking points. It was named to Tennis Master Series in 2000, ATP Masters Series in 2004 and Masters 1000 in 2007.

500 & 250 Series

ATP World Tour 500  is Men’s tennis tournament consists of 11 tournaments and the ATP World Tour 250 Series consisting of 40 tournaments. Events offer a different amount of prize money plus the number of ranking points for the winner.

Challenger Tour

Administered by ATP It’s one of the lowe level tournament having 150 events. Struggling players use this tournament to rank themselves up for their tennis carrier. It also offers prize money ranging from US$ 24000 To US$ 150000 and ranking points as well.

Olympics Tennis Tournaments

Olympic games were originally the ancient festival/Celebration of Zeus in the Olympia city of Greece. In which different games were played. Later in the 20th and 21st century, it was classified to summer & winter Olympics.

Tennis has always been a worldwide famous game, that’s why it almost always been a part of the Olympics. It was the part of the summer Olympics from 1896 to 1924. In 1924 tennis was excluded from the Olympics due to conflict between ITF and International Olympic Committee.

It remained as Demonstration Sports from 1968 & 1984 and became part of the Summer Olympics from 1988 to date. It became of paralympic since 1992.

In next Summer Olympics tennis is scheduled from Saturday, 24 July To Sunday, 01 2021 August.


How many players are there in lawn tennis?

There are primarily two players in Singles category in which each player faces other one. In Doubles category two players play on both sides of net and face each other.

how many tennis balls fit in a limo

How much a Tennis Racket costs?

Well, It depends whether what type of racket (Professional/Recreation), for Adult or Kid and other features of racket that you choose. Usually, a kids racket starts from $ 30 – $100 and for Adults, it ranges from $60-$250.

You can check Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners for Adults and 10 Best Tennis Racquets For Kids|Juniors with Buyer Guide.

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How far is a (dimensions of) Tennis Court?

For Singles & Doubles category matches Length of a tennis court is same i.e. 78′ feet and Width for Singles 27′ feet, Doubles 36′ feet and service line lies at 21′ feet.

For further Details check What are Tennis Court Dimensions : How to Make Tennis Court?

How many sets are a tennis match?

A tennis match between players comprises of points, games, and sets to win. In the Men’s tennis match maximum 6 sets and for Women maximum 3 sets.

For how many minutes a tennis match is played, Or What is duration of a Tennis Match?

The duration of tennis match depends upon the duration of set, the less a set consumes time the less duration of match will be. A 3-set match can lasts for 45mins and 5 sets can last 60mins/1 hour or more.

But in pro matches like Grand Slam tournaments a Singles Men’s category match could have 3-4 hours duration and for Women’s can last 1.5-2 hours for grand slam and non grand slam matches.

How many acres is tennis court is comprised of?

A tennis court comprises 1 acre approximately but it really depends on the nature of tennis game some is going to play.

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