Wimbledon Sports Championship

Wimbledon sports has recognized the world over as the home of the Wimbledon tennis championships, the oldest tennis championships in the world and arguably the various prestigious of the four grand slam sports.

The only Wimbledon sport to be played on grass, it has become synonymous with ideas of British sporting refinement, long summer days, fruits and cream, and the occasional downpour.

But the question is that how did it all begin?

Wimbledon is now the holy home of tennis in Britain, hosting the country’s flagship sport. The tennis club itself, which hosts the Wimbledon sport Championships.

1. The Magic of Wimbledon Sports

Known formally as “The Championships, Wimbledon Sports” and referred to simply as “Wimbledon Sports,” this sport is the oldest event in the history of the sport, an annual sporting spectacle that brings the best professionals to London, England for two weeks in June and July.

Wimbledon sports is the third of four Grand Slam events that are played each year on the professional tennis tour in England. It is headed by the Australian Open and the French Open and followed by the United States Open. It is the only Grand Slam event in the world played on grass.

One other thing that makes Wimbledon sport unique is the presence of England’s royalty in this event. It was a previous tradition at Wimbledon for players to bow or curtsy in the front of the Royal family.

2. Tradition at Wimbledon Championship

There are some unique traditions at the Wimbledon Championships tournament.

  1. Some defining factors have come to define the uniqueness of the Wimbledon Championships throughout its 134-year history.
  2. It is the only one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments in the world to be designed and arranged by a sports club rather than a sports federation.
  3. It is also the only one and unique of the four Grand Slam tournaments that have never ceased to play on grass.
  4. Besides, this tournament is steeply rooted in tradition, including that of a dress code for players defining that they play in nearly all-white attire.
  5. Another famous tradition is the crowd’s eating of strawberries and cream and Pimms during the match.
  6. Among other traditions restricted to Wimbledon is the requirement players be marked on scoreboards as “Mr.,” “Miss.” “Mrs.,” followed by the first initials of their first names.
  7. With other Wimbledon, traditions are the presentation of the prizes to the winners each year by the Duke and Duchess of Kent.

3. Eligibility for Wimbledon

There is some eligibility to participate in the Wimbledon sports tournament.

  1. The Players requiring high enough rankings according to the International Tennis Federation world rankings have the opportunity to play for a wild card spot through a qualifying match in Roehampton at the Bank of England Sports Ground a week before the Wimbledon Championship begins in June and July.
  2. Singles play in three-round events, and Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Doubles teams fight in events lasting only one round.
  3. There are no qualifying events for Mixed Doubles teams in this event.
  4. The participants for the lower competitions are determined based on their world rankings from the International Tennis Federation and recommendations of their specific nations’ tennis associations.
  5. For lower singles events, players may also be decided by a qualifying tournament.

4. Prize money Wimbledon 2020

The Championships, Wimbledon sport is the most prominent Grand Slam calendar event in the world. Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and recognized the most prestigious event.

The Wimbledon 2020 is going to be held from 29 June to 12 July 2020 this year under All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Clubs.

In Wimbledon Sports Championship 2020, both the men and women winners have the chance to earn more than 3 million American dollars.

In the last Wimbledon Sports Championship 2019, both the men’s winner and women’s winner took almost 2,983,750.00 million dollars in their prize money.

The amount of Prize money of Wimbledon Sports championship has been increased many times in the last few years.

5. The Australian Open 2020

The Australian Open 2020 is the first event of the Grand Slam calendar which usually held in January and February every year. It is played in different categories such as:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Junior
  • Wheelchair contests

When Australian Open 2020 announced their prize money it was a historic increment in the history of this event, which persuaded players a lot for healthy competition. Total prize money has reached at 71,000,000 dollars.

6. Wimbledon championship 2020 and Coronavirus

The French open 2020 was planned before Wimbledon 2020, and it has been rescheduled, according to some authentic news the Wimbledon Championship will reschedule.

Roger Federer has stated that we should not focus on the upcoming Grand Slams or other sports championships. First, we all need to stand against the COVID-19 to save the world and humanity.

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