Will Wimbledon 2020 Championships Postponed or Canceled?

After Rescheduling of French Open, Wimbledon is Most Likely To Be Postponed

Due to COVID-19 (CoronaVirus) it’s likely that the Wimbledon 2020 will either be postponed or cancelled this year. ALETC has stated that It’ll be decided after meeting with stakeholders in next week. ALETC has already ruled out the option play behind the closed doors.

The AELTC can confirm that it is continuing a detailed evaluation of all scenarios for The Championships 2020, including postponement and cancellation, as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

AELTC Official Statement about Wimbledon 2020

After the meeting of ALETC , United Kingdom Government and WHO (World Health Organization) staff, ALETC decided that the safety of the players is more important than the championships and they didn’t want to take any type of risk about players and staff’s lives.

Here’s what Richard Lewis – CEO of Wimbledon,CBE had to say

The single most important consideration is one of public health, and we are determined to act responsibly through the decisions we make. We are working hard to bring certainty to our plans for 2020 and have convened an emergency meeting of the AELTC Main Board for next week, at which a decision will be made.

Richard Lewis – CEO of Wimbledon,CBE comments about Wimbledon 2020

As French open 2020 which was planed bit earlier than Wimbledon 2020, has already been rescheduled, So the chances are there of same for Wimbledon as well.

Roger Federer has stated that we should not focus on the upcoming Grand Slams (Wimbledon 2020 and French open 2020). First, we all need to fight against the COVID-19 according to the instructions of (WHO).

Roger Federer has already donated thousands of dollars charity for the poor people to survive in this worldwide lockdown and request other players to give charity to support needy peoples in this difficult time.


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