The Best Tennis Shoes for Men For All Court in 2024

Tennis is the game of movement, If it’s assumed then it won’t be a false perception. It involves fast, quick, starts, and stops long and short movements like sprints and regular lateral movements on the tennis court. In case, running short for the time then have a look best tennis shoes for men below.

When playing with your competitor you need speed with swiftness & endurance. For all this, you need the best tennis shoe pair. It’ll be your advantage over the opponent. A good shoe can handle short sprints, fiery footsteps on the court.

In this article, we’ll guide you to pick the right and the best men’s tennis shoes that will not only improve your game but It’ll put you in lead.

Our Recommendations for Best Men’s Tennis Shoes

The Drawbacks Of Choosing The Wrong Tennis Shoes

Simply a question strikes the mind. Why is it important to have the right tennis shoes?

The simple answer is to prevent injuries and of course, chances are higher to have an ankle injury such as shin splints or aching heels. It causes low performance even in recreational/fun games.

If you want to enjoy tennis, avoid injuries, and want to deliver the best on the court,  you must have the right and best-fit pair of shoes for yourself(men).

Best All-Court Tennis Shoes

Adidas Men’s Barricade

Usually, All-Court tennis shoes can be used for every surface or court. These shoes are designed especially for durability as they have to perform on both hard and soft courts. Adidas has launched the Barricade series years ago and became popular in the tennis world.

best tennis shoes for men - All court

It provides a soft and stretchable tongue, seamless forged mesh upper design with supporting and stretchable areas to ensure every move and custom fit to players.

Adituff saves a player during severe lateral movements and foot drag during serves and volleys. For enhanced front foot propulsion, the Adiprene+ technique maintains flow and performance.

Barricade shoes use abrasion-resistant Adituff technology which is wrapped around the toe and forefoot for protection

These features make this pair the best tennis shoes for all men.

  • Best Combination of Support and Durability
  • Comfortable for Professional Players
  • Excellent Durable Sole
  • Performs on Every Court Surface
  • Excellent Toe and forefoot Protection
  • Can be Used Casually
  • Some Buyers faced fitness Issues due to plastic under Arch that caused Blisters
  • Few Reviewers found Stiff Sole for their feet.

Asics Gel Resolution 8 – Best Tennis Shoes For Men with Wide Feet As well

Asics has produced excellent colorful tennis shoes in the Gel line and resolution is one of them. The Gel line of Asics is known for comfort with durability with the latest shoe technologies.

For improved midsole stability of the professional players, DynaWall and responsive FlyteFoam technology that uses super fiber for excellent cushioning and bounce back features have been used.

best tennis shoes for men - All court
Asics Gel Resolution 8

 In order to handle frequent lateral movements, it has used the FlexionFit technique in the upper for fitting support. 

The Insole gives fine breathability, long-term cushioning, and standard moisture management. The outsole uses the AHR+ technique is highly durable helps to perform on hard courts comfortably.

Gel technology, line name picker is smushed in heel and midfoot to minimize shocks produced from quick start-stop movements. PGuard will cover the toe and save from unnecessary wear in all shoe parts.

In short, It is a combo of comfort, stability, support, and protection and could be referred to as the best overall tennis Shoe for Men.

For the players whom they are looking for all features in one tennis shoe this article is the best choice.

  • Excellent Fusion of Comfort, Stability & Protection
  • Torque Control Feature in Heel ensure Locked-In
  • Highly Durable Insole & Outsole
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot Cushioning Ensures Shockless Game
  • Combination of on-demand Requirements & Technologies
  • 6 Months Outsole Warranty
  • Not Good for Clay Court and Wide Feet
  • Narrower than Previous Models, Purchase Half Size Larger

Adidas Adizeor Uber Sonic 3.0

Adidas has designed a colorful, stylish black with fine thin pink & white lines, but lightweight tennis shoes for men players.

The playtesters have tested this shoe and it got high numbers in the ranking list. Adizereo line is for professional and experienced players who play a fast game on the court.

Like other brands, Adidas has also developed and used many technologies in this model. For greater speed support, and stability the SprintFrame technique has been used to construct these shoes.

Talking about the midsole, added cushioning gives comfort with a lightweight feel, thanks to EVA midsole. In outsole AdiWear 6 has made it strong and durable.

For toe protection, Adidas has used AdiTuff that provides abrasion resistance under the toe. It is important to know that toe is the most affected part of the foot during the game.

  • Have a good breathable Mesh Upper
  • Combination of Stability with Lightweight
  • PU midsole as it cushions the foot at every heel strike.
  • The PU midsole Cushions the foot to absorb heel strikes
  • Has Excellent Grip to Deal Abrupt Movements
  • Some Buyers faced fitting Problems with their matched Size
  • Competitive Players Experienced Early Wears

New Balance Men’s 1006 V1 – Best Tennis Shoes For Beginners

NB (New Balance) encourages and focuses on research and development (R&D) to help players achieve their goal of wearing the best-fitted shoes in the game. 

In this 1006 model cushioning, stability, and breathability has emerged as prominent feature for New Balance. Taking on the outsole it has plenty of traction to support composition and to save from early wear.

The players looking for tennis shoes under $100 budget, it is the most suitable footwear. Being cushioned construction and durable composition, it keeps foot punched during a tough competitive game.

It is one of the appealing and best tennis shoes for men of all expertise level.

  • Some Buyers feels it is Lightweight than Adidas Barricade
  • Lightweight, comfy and excellent breathability.
  • Sole is Sturdy and Highly Durable
  • Recommended by Loyal Wearers
  • Gear Fit with Stability helps to serve more time on Court
  • A Sturdy Base can cause Discomforts When Bending
  • Few Buyers Felt Narrow Fitting and Short Toe Box

Nike Air Zoom Vapor X

If you happen to play tennis for fun at any time and want to select shoes then this Nike footwear is shortlisted for you.

The air zoom didn’t disappoint vapor’s fans with a new edition although it is a little expensive.

It has a light, breathable and easy-to-fit design, as the modified Dynamic Fit System serves the purpose and boosts the player’s confidence during the game from tipping and falling.

In a way, it has a trade-off with durability with lightweight and other prominent features.  Its outsole is extra durable with an improved grip for better stability as compared to the last version 9.5. 

Talking about overall durability, it is not so durable and doesn’t have traction as it used to have before, although it’s a little slicker than the ex version.

Best Tennis Shoes for Grass Court

In order to play comfortably and deliver the best performance on the Grass Court, the tennis shoes for men require some special features and a softer outsole than the Hard Court. It should have low bounce as compared to others.

First, it needs Flexible Upper to run forward and play the ball, and feet are not choked. Second, it must have an Excellent Grip, as the grass surface tends to be slippery with due or excessive use. Third a Flatter Outsole to save grass/court surface from damage. 

Nike Men’s Air Max 90 Leather – Best Tennis Shoes For Support

If you love all-white tennis shoes (available for men & women versions) with durability and cushioning then these shoes are for you. The air max series is among one of the old and long-lasting, classic, and iconic shoe lines of Nike.

The Air Max shoes have enhanced cushioning on the heel and a reasonable price that lasts long.

best tennis shoes for men - grass court

It is quite comfortable due to the added cushion on the heel which causes less shock feeling and lightweight as well. The outsole is quite thick with a tread pattern to provide traction at the perfect time.

In the midsole, Nike used traditional air sole engineering for cushioning. Although the manufacturer has added some material, it is still lightweight. When talking about breathability some hot regions may have issues but generally, it’s good to go.

The Air Max comes with different styles keeping durability at the forefront as the thicker, resilient to wear and tear outsole, durable upper keeps your games intact in the long run.

  • Comfortable, lightweight and long-lasting feel
  • Great Value for Investment
  • Long-lasting and Loyal Fans
  • Stylish and Colorful with Versatile Silhouette
  • quick and easy to Clean
  • Not a Good Choice for Wide and Flat Feet, Reviewed by the Buyer
  • Few Users experienced fitting issues, make them feel uncomfortable

If you want Nike’s latest and best Grass Court tennis shoes for men apart from the mentioned above then try Nike Air Max Court Ballistec 4.3 or Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Men’s.

K-Swiss Men’s Ultrashot 2

K-swiss has designed a recent and updated edition of Ultrashort tennis shoes that is shiny blue with a little orange touch which makes it a favorite for teens and youngsters as well. It is lightweight than its previous edition.

The ultrashort 2 has got new SurgeLite technology and thicker tongue type construction, which will provide cushioning without increasing weight.

best tennis shoes for men - grass court

Ultrashot 2 provides perfect traction even when a player moves aggressively, takes the first step, or puts a quick stop. Stability and cushioning is the best part of these shoes.

After wearing these shoes it feels like wearing fuzzy slippers. As it does not need much break-in period so moving around the court feels like a soft, stable, and cushy feeling.

In the forefoot, the toe box is wider as needed and fitting is about true size, making a good fit for everyone. Breathability is great for low-temperature areas, for hot areas use performance socks.

For the heel, K-Swiss has developed HeelGrip Lining which will secure your foot from wiggling around.

Above all K-Swiss will give you 6 months Outsole guarantee. It is a great benefit for tennis players who want the best grass-court tennis shoes for men with a warranty.

  • Great Durable Tennis Shoes for Pro Players
  • Extra Padding at tongue gives Snug Fit
  • Feels Lighter than Previous Edition of Ultrashot
  • SurgeLite Midsole Provides Excellent Comfort
  • No need to break-in as it has Superior Shock Absorption ability
  • Few Buyers Faced Low Breathability Issue
  • Toe Box is little Tight according to a Buyer

ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 5

If you are a recreational tennis player and want a tennis shoe under $100 that can lead you from no level to champion then this Asicsc Gell-Dedicate 5 is for you.

It offers several features for you with stylish blue color and white Asics A.

best tennis shoes for men - grass court

The Forefoot GEL cushioning system in the forefoot, firm rubber outsole, upper has the desired flexibility needed at the Grass Court. As the surface is slippery so a lot of abrupt and lateral movements occur. It has the capability to soften them and absorb shocks that arises.

Asics has made these shoes for both hard and soft surfaces without undermining durability and performance. The Gel Dedicate 5 offers adequate cushioning and traction to players to smash the game.

Trusstic System Technology made this unit lightweight, maintaining quality-built structure, good breathability, and enhanced shock attenuation.

What else do you expect from the best grass-court tennis shoes for men?

  • Needs No Break-In Time, with Great Support
  • Asics Shoe with Wide Toe Box
  • Forefoot GEL Cushioning Technology acts as Excellent Shock Absorber
  • High Quality With Low Price
  • All Rounder Shoe with Great Stability
  • Strong Outsole bears Early and Routine Wear off
  • Few User experienced Durability Issue and early Wear out of Outsole on Hard Court
  • Someone Felt Tightened forefoot and instep

For Babolat lovers, the best shoe for Grass Court is Babolat Men’s SFX3, especially for those having wide feet.

Best Tennis Shoes for Clay Court

The Clay Court requires a different strategy to compete, like the methodical pace of play. Because this surface is a little slower and a baseline player with high power and pace control has the advantage.

Stability and Excellent Grip: is required as the dust on Clay has less traction.

Lateral Support is the key factor and support requires when the player moves side to side with baseline.

Durable Upper and Sides: it’ll save shoes from damage when you slide frequently.

Specially Engineered Outsole: sole will release dust from its trenches and won’t damage the surface.

Asics Gel Challenger 12 Clay

Gel Challenger 12 is available in two versions, standard, and Clay. It is specially designed to deliver the best performance on the clay court in a variety of colors.

In the Gel Challenger series is the best option for players with stability and comfort combination, while looks are great with navy blue color when you wear them.

best tennis shoes for men - clay court

The durable outsole uses the AHAR technique with the herringbone tread pattern to keep shoes durable and offers great traction on clay plus a shield to protect from wear and tear. 

The Midsole Gel Cushioning system provides less shock to the forefoot and rearfoot that causes less impact and easy movements on the court surface. Moisture is controlled through a removable Ortholite Sockliner technique.

TrussticSystem technology keeps the shoe lightweight while maintaining structural integrity.

The synthetic flexible upper holds the foot using FlexionFit technology comfortably with good breathability. A player can take shots confidently.

  • A shoe with Quality, Durability, Stability, and Support in Budget
  • Comfort with stability is Top priority
  • Gel Challenger is made for the clay shoe line
  • Breathability and Moisture Management makes this shoe Demanding
  • Affordable Substitute for Expensive Matches
  • Fits Tight to Some Buyers as the Toe Box is not so Wide

Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3.0 Clay

Adidas has introduced Primeknit technology to the Adizero line and launched flagship shoes under the Ubersonic series. This lightweight knit holds your foot of almost all widths with support. 

best clay court tennis shoes for men

The clay version is lightweight and amazingly responsive. It keeps the player’s response quick and lighting. Textile woven upper with Dyneema yarn is quite breathable, keeps fastened to the foot to minimize slippage.

The Full-length polyurethane midsole with molded sock liner offers amazing cushioning to minimize shocks and the heel gives extra support to keep the body stable while you aggressively hit and throw balls across the net.

Highly durable Adiwear 6 Outsole has super supportive SprintFrame type construction.

Specially designed for clay court, this version of Adiszore Ubersonic strengthens the stability and support during abrupt and lateral movements on clay.

For toes an abrasion-resistant, Adituff protection is there, as it is the most vulnerable and frequent moving part of the foot. These features make these clay tennis shoes best for men.

  • Improved version of Ubersonic 2.0
  • Comfortable, Supportive, Durable along with Responsive Sole
  • Net mesh type Designed Upper is Very Breathable
  • Fast Shoes with Excellent Grip
  • Amazing Stability with Lightweight
  • A Player expressed that it’s Too Cushioned Which lacks Support for Arches
  • Color Range is Limited

ASIC Men’s Court FF 2

About Court FF Shoe Line

Asics launched Court FF shoes a few years back with a new mono-sock const fit system and FlyteFoam midsole supporting mechanism. It was warmly welcomed in the market and got accepted by Asics lovers.

Asics after introducing FlyteFoam technology named this line of shoes to Court FF. The company’s aim was to offer lightweight shoes with proper cushioning.

Asics Clay Court FF2 Review

The Asics clay court FF2 shoe will charge your feet and electrify your game. It offers many improved features than its predecessor. 

best tennis shoes for men - clay court

Gel Technology in rearfoot and forefoot provides excellent cushioning to help proper landing on the court during intense gameplay. You will enjoy sock-like fitting in presence of a mono-sock fitting technique.

In hot countries where sweating is an issue, a removable Ortholite sock liner has been added to enjoy the competitive game. The Solyte insole keeps the shoe durable and helps it bounce back well while TwisTruss and FlyteFoam (made up of organic super fiber) in the midsole provide desired stability.

In order to make a strong outsole and hard-wearing feel the highly reliable AHAR outsole with rubber compound is used to minimize wear-offs from frequent ground-touch parts.

  • Perfect Combination of Shoe Technologies
  • Excellent Grip with Fitting System
  • Lightweight, Supportive with Proper Cushioning
  • All-Time Best Shoes Asics Lover
  • A lot of New Buyers turn into Fans
  • ½ Inch Size Adjustment, Not For Everyone
  • A Reviewer Stated Comfortable Level is not Same

Best Tennis Shoes for Hard Court

Hard Court falls in between the Grass and Clay court and has different requirements and strategies. It has a different level of bounce and speed than others, supports many different playing styles.

When talking about shoes, Hard Courts are quite challenging to choose the best tennis shoes for men.

Primarily resilient and sturdy Outsole with flexibility is required for demanding court. Feet are most likely to affect, so ideal cushioning with excellent bounce-back is the immediate need of players.
In order to give shock-safe grip with stability while moving on the court Tough Upper is the basic need of shoes.

ASICS Gel-Court Speed Men’s

Asics has specially designed this shoe to speed up your performance and to fly across the court. The IGS(Impact Guidance System) shock-absorbing technology is featured in these shoes.

It helps to move the foot in a neutral position throughout propulsion, while Gel technology in the rear and forefoot supplies necessary cushioning to land.

Best Tennis Shoes for Hard Court

The outsole uses AHARPlus on high-impact areas to lessen wear and gives flexibility and freedom to hit shots swiftly. In order to provide the required stability and support, both DuoMax and TrussticSystem in midfoot work together.

Mono Sock sock-liner gives the ideal fit with great comfort. Seamless materials construction minimizes the irritation and friction provoked by stitches and seams. Toes are protected by a P-Guard toe protector.

In short Gel-Court Speed is designed to hold pressure with speed, so you can perform 100%.

  • Solid, Durable and Responsive Shoes
  • Offers Amazing Grip and Fit for Hard Court
  • Excellent Stability with Support
  • Lightweight with Comfort
  • No Break-in Time Needed
  • Great Quality and Value for Money
  • Selected wearers may Need Half-Inch larger Size to fit

New Balance Men’s 996v3

New Balance took the start from arch support for athletes and started making tennis shoes later. NB has been present in the market for more than a century and producing quality shoes since then.

The New Balance 996v3 has been modified three times since its launch with a new exterior monochromatic redesign. New modified shoes come with enhanced cushioning and comfort on hard court.

Best men Tennis Shoes for Hard Court

The upper is a combination of knit and nylon soaked synthetic material, mesh-like designed. It allows plenty of air to enter the foot chamber to keep the feet cool and dry, which helps athletes for long game sessions.

The rubber outsole is supported with extra Ndurance rubber located at the most likely to wear area of the outsole without compromising support and comfort. It saves it from quick wear down on the rigid and firm hard court.

In order to handle lateral movements, the midsole is equipped with the ProBank technique which improves stability to deliver optimal performance.

For a swift response, a responsive RevLite foam compound is inserted which weighs 30% less than standard foam at midfoot.

  • Lightweight, Supportive with Proper Cushioning
  • Excellent Comfort and Breathability.
  • Have Perfect Grip & Fit for Feet
  • Great Swift Responsive Shoes
  • Stability and Support With Style
  • Easy to use for Other Sports like Basketball or Pickleball
  • Wide Feet users May experience Stiffness in Toes
  • Requires Break-in Period to avoid Pinch and Blisters

Nike Men’s Court Lite 2

Nike is a famous international shoe manufacturer and other sports accessories. Many athletes have trust in shoes produced by them. For the best hard court tennis shoes for men, it has designed Court Lite 2 shoes for men, the successor of Court Lite tennis shoes.

Best men Tennis Shoes for Hard Court

The GDR rubber outsole, specifically designed for Hard Court, has been used for durability and perfect traction. The five different patterns are devised on the sole. Each pattern is designed to visually outline 1 of the 5 basic movements new tennis players learn. 

This footwear is available in different colors like red, black, white, and maroon. The Upper has a mesh-type design of synthetic leather for great breathability and support. Further, the collar and tongue are padded for enhanced comfort.

Midfoot shank enhances stability and keeps the foot resistant to movement jerks.

The toes are the most affected part of the shoe in the tennis game, So, for extra cushioning under the toes, the abrasion-resistant material is added. The Phylon material full-length midsole gives a lightweight cushioning feel.

  • No Break-In Period required
  • Excellent Support with Comfort Fit
  • Thin Padding On Collar Gives Good Maneuverability
  • Have Great Grip on Court
  • Mesh Upper Offers Excellent Breathability
  • Value for Money
  • Some Buyers Found shoes are stiff and have little to No Arch Support
  • Few Users Experienced Tight Fitting and Hard Soles

Best Tennis Shoes For Women

Most of the shoes that have been reviewed here are the best among competitors and have their female counterparts(best women tennis shoes) with the same performance and features.

Following the guide below, you can pick any shoe which suits you best.

This guide is for men’s shoes. But no worries, a dedicated guide for Women and Girls tennis shoes is coming soon.

Best Tennis Shoes For female beginner


Can basketball shoes be used for tennis?

No, Each sport/athletic shoes have their own requirements and cant be used for tennis

Can I use running or athletic shoes for Tennis

NO, Because running shoes are designed for repetitive forward motion while tennis shoes require a lot of lateral movements. So It would be a wise choice to pick tennis shoes.

Which tennis shoes are best for flat feet?

For Flat/over-pronated feet choose any shoe that has Great arch support, Shock Absorption, stability and, motion control support. Like Asics Gel Resolution 8, Nike Men’s Court Lite 2 or Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Court 2.

What is a cushioning material ?

Mostly there are two types of cushions. EVA and PU. Simply, we can say that EVA is lightweight and flexible but not so durable and provides less stability.
PU type cushions offer durability and stability but at the cost of weight i.e., it’s heavier.

What is the difference between Sneakers and Tennis Shoes?

Simply, all tennis shoes are considered sneakers but not all sneakers are tennis shoes.
Basically, tennis shoes are designed for more lateral movements but sneakers are designed with a rubber sole and canvas upper.


For how long a tennis shoe lasts?

It depends on your playing style(aggressive or normal), court type, and, how often you use it?

Normal shoe use should sustain for 6-12 months or 45-60 hours of the game.
As a rule of thumb, shoes should be replaced once in a year.


Guide: For Picking Up Right Tennis Shoes

You’ll find complete and easy guide, which will guide what factors are important while selecting Tennis Shoe.

Questions to Answer While choosing Tennis Shoes

  • What kind of foot do you have?
  • What is your Playing Style?
  • Which Court type do you prefer to play?
  • What is your Budget for tennis shoes?
  • I have athletic shoes, Can I use them for tennis?

In the following simple guide, we’ll cover the answers to the above-mentioned questions.

Consider the Type of Foot you have

Method -1: Wet Test

In order to determine what type of foot you have, just perform a simple wet feet test. Simply wet your foot and place it firmly on construction paper. Take a good look at the imprint and determine the gap between the ball and heel of the foot. Check out from the following which one is yours?

Method – 2: Wear Test

If you have shoes you often wore, grab them, and have a close look. Whether they are distorted/ worn out from the inside or outside the heel and toe.

  • Flat Feet moves inward and shows wear inside the heel and outside the forefoot. 
  • Normal Feet have balanced movement and it shows even wear all around the foot. 
  • Supinated feet show a lot of wear along the outside of the heel and forefoot. The movement of the ankles is outward.
Types Of Foot and Wear Test Methods

Normally there are three types of feet with respect to the arch(curve) are there.

Flat Feet (Low Arch)

Flat feet or over-pronation foot rolls inward. It leaves a complete imprint on the paper without showing any arch(no gap between ball and heel) or a very low arch.

Flat feet tend to over-pronation which causes extra wear outside the heel and outside forefoot. Mostly it shows most wears at the inside edge of the foot.

Pick Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

Flat feet are most prone to injury, so it’s important to select shoes with maximum lateral support, cushioning, and motion control to avoid knee and ankle injuries.

Normal Foot (Medium Arch)

The Ideal feet or Neutral Pronation has a medium arch or balanced arch between the forefoot (ball) and heel of the foot, as. These feet are also known as neutral and balanced feet as it has even weighted distribution all over the foot.

Best Tennis Shoes for Normal Foot

Stability shoes are best for pronated feet which is actually a combination of proper cushioning and support. In general, no specific shoes are there, and any shoes can be used for these feet. 

In fact, players with ideal feet have the opportunity to pick shoes for their ideal court surface (Grass, Clay, or Hard Court).

Supinated Foot (High Arch)

Generally known as the hollow foot or Under-pronation feet have large empty space between heel and forefoot (ball), which shows a high curve in the imprint of a foot. 

The supinated foot rolls outwards and causes wear on the outside of the heel and little toe. These under pronated feet cause the shoes worn out faster than others.

How to select Best Tennis shoes for Supinated Feet?

Hallow feet require more cushioning and support than others. Those Shoes have extra durable sole rather soft midsole, that has more shock absorption ability, and is highly flexible is best for these feet.

What is Your Playing Style?

Normally there are two types of player or playing style. Both category players move differently and need separate shoes. Usually, players are

Serve and Volley

The first type of player charges the net frequently and rubs back foot during the serve(service).

The shoes with a reinforced toe or toe cap along with an inside medial arch are the best for this category of players.


Play along with the baseline(back-line) having a lot of lateral (side-to-side) movement.

The shoes with great lateral support having a durable sole is best for the Baseliner.

Which Court type do you prefer to play?

Every tennis lover knows about the Grass, Clay, and Hard(concrete) tennis court. Each court has different characteristics that affect the shoe choice. Don’t forget that the wrong shoe can ruin the court’s surface.

Hard Court requires a strong and durable sole while a soft court (Clay & Grass) requires more traction. Let’s have a look at each court’s surface shoe type.

Soft Court (Grass & Clay) Tennis Shoe Requirement

At soft court slight lateral movement is common, and they provide natural slides to players. So shoes are designed to provide traction without damaging the court surface.

How to choose Best Tennis Shoes for Grass court?

Grass court surface provides natural cushioning and tends to be slippery. That’s why a sole is designed like a nub-pattern with a solid upper of synthetic material or leather to give traction without harming the grass surface.

Shoes for Clay Court

Clay Court surface shoes also have a solid and durable synthetic upper with a herringbone tread pattern sole. It’ll allow a natural-like grip without clogging with dirt grains and give necessary sliding to the player. Shoes should be lightweight and provide speed and quick movement.

Shoes for Hard Court (Concrete and Others)

For Hard (concrete) surfaces a strong, solid, and the durable sole shoe is required as shoes tend to wear quickly on this surface. It’s a more difficult surface to manage feet on solid concrete. 

That is why shoe upper and outsole must be resilient and firm, normally vinyl and leather martial can serve the purpose.

Pro Tip: If you prefer to play on Hard Court then check your shoes regularly for wear and replace periodically, to avoid any injury.

Pick Best All-Court Tennis Shoes

These shoes are designed for all types of surfaces and deliver the best performance in all conditions. A player doesn’t need to change shoes again and again for each court surface. You may call them all-rounder shoes.

For Whom these shoes are?

Whether you are an occasional/recreational player or don’t have a specific preference of court surface then these All-Court shoes are the best for you. Almost all famous brands design these shoes.

Budget Matters: What should be the Budget for Tennis Shoes?

If you are thinking how much should I spend on tennis shoes? 

Keep in mind that you will get what you pay for. By spending more bucks for star-player shoes does not mean you’ll get well-suited shoes. Just have some research (as given in this guide) and then go for your pair of shoes.

Generally, quality shoes have a price range of $100 – $250. You can have good shoes by spending minimally $100-$150. Keep in mind that $100 footwear has more quality than $20. 

What should be the Budget for Tennis Shoes?

Pro Tips for Buying Budget Tennis Shoes

If you want to buy cheap tennis shoes have a tough budget, then

  • Keep an eye on sales or deal with different brands or simply go shopping around the store online or offline(in your area).
  • Buy last year’s top-rated or flagship shoe article than current top-rated articles.
  • Don’t forget, even if you are on a budget, purchase best suited and researched, and long-lasting shoes. It’ll keep your feet safe from injuries.
  • When buying online shoes, it is important to study their return policy, how and when you can return if it’s a misfit?

Tennis Shoes Vs Athletic Shoes

If you are playing other games like basketball, hockey, football involves running or simply you have running shoes. You may wonder can I use these running shoes for tennis?

Tennis Shoes Vs Athletic Shoes

Simply No! The Reason is that running shoes are specifically designed for forwarding movement and have more cushioned heels and thicker, but soft soles to reduce the running effect. Runners don’t take sharp turns and lateral movements. These shoes don’t suit tennis either for training or pro-game.

While Tennis Shoes are purpose-designed for the tennis game and relevant court surface. These shoes provide stability and have a flatter, durable sole for frequent back-and-forth, rigorous lateral (side-to-side) movement, and quick starts and stops on the court. 

Solid and stiffer materials along with reinforced toes (for frequent starts-stops) are used to build tennis shoes than athletic shoes.

Keep in mind, during game stability is more important than any other features that can be attained by tennis shoes.

What other Qualities Should the Best tennis shoe have?

Apart from the above-mentioned qualities they must support excessive jumping, lunging, running, constant movements, and quick pivots that a player faces during a tennis match.


We have tried to cover the best tennis shoes for each tennis court that a single article can contain. It’ll be improved with the passage of time with your suggestions and questions.

So, tell us which one is your favorite tennis shoe in the comments? If your favorite shoe isn’t there or you want another shoe to be reviewed please contact us.

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