Which Tennis Shoes Novak Djokovic Wears? 2024

Keeping in mind the success of Novak, most tennis players take a keen interest in professional tennis players’ equipment, especially their tennis shoes. In the following, we are going to share details and review the current Novak Djokovic tennis shoes along with its review with pros and cons.

A lot of people tend to search for top professional tennis players’ shoes when selecting the best tennis shoes for them. 

There are many reasons when people look for professional tennis players’ tennis shoes. It may be for knowledge, to check the price of shoes, to get independent reviews/opinions, availability in the market or online such as Amazon or eBay, etc.

Tennis Shoes Recommendation For New Tennis Players

But before reviewing them, If you are a new tennis player or even an experienced one, and don’t know how to select the best tennis shoes for yourself, then we recommended going through a brief guide on how to select the best tennis shoes to get an idea.

Because choosing the wrong tennis shoes can damage your feet even in long term.

Novak Djokovic Tennis Shoes for Hard Court

Best Shoes for Specific Tennis Court

If you are in search of tennis court-specific shoes then, in the above-mentioned article, we do have picked up the best tennis shoes for clay court, Hard Court, Grass court, and tennis shoes for all-courts.

The above-linked shoes are also available under the women’s tennis shoe category.

Novak Djokovic Tennis Shoes History

When we look back on Novak Djokovic’s shoe sponsors’ history, he hasn’t used a lot of shoe brands. At the beginning of his pro career, he used to wear Adidas Barricade until 2018. He also contracted with Sergio Tacchini but they don’t make tennis shoes. So he has to remain loyal to Adidas for his shoes. 

Then he switched to Japanese shoe makes Asics by signing a sponsorship deal in 2018, it is continued to date(2019,2020). According to Novak, The brand poses the best shoe technology, so he is using personalized Asics shoes.

Novak Djokovic Tennis Shoes Review

Currently, Novak is wearing Asics Court FF 2 which is specially designed and engineered according to his requirements.

It might amaze you, that Novak Djokovic shared his opinion, feedback, and experience with the ASICS R&D team to get his personalized version of court FF2 for six months.

While playing on the clay court he uses clay, Asics Clay Court FF2.

Novak Djokovic Tennis Shoes for Clay Season

Features of Djokovic’s shoe ASICS Court FF 2

Asics has used FlyteFoam technology to design this shoe, that’s where this series got its name. It has a synthetic mesh type upper and synthetic sole and some other pros are as follows.

The foam cushioning technology namely FlyteFoam has been used in the midsole that provides fantastic bounce back with high responsiveness in short and long distances.

The gel technology has been inducted in the midsole on both heel and forefoot sides to maximize comfort during abrupt movements. The outsole is totally modified to support speed, stability, and durability combination in one shoe.

It has an updated PU-covered Upper and gives comfortable fitting with the required support and durability to the foot. The PGuard toe protector is durable and offers firm protection.

Asics has induced a foot fitting technology in this article called Mono-Sock, it is an internal elastic sleeve that replaced the tongue. It helps feet to fit in shoes like wearing socks. Mono-sock.

Ideally, Twisstrus provides a better internal twist/rotation that causes less weight on the sole. In order to facilitate swift movement by reducing the weight of the sole, the Twistruss technology helps Novak Djokovic in movements. So, this technology helps to keep shoes lightweight.

Cons of ASICS Court FF 2

According to the buyer on Amazon said comfort level is not same as Asics advertised. Further color range is limited and some players may feel tough toe guard.

Novak Launched Gel-Resolution Novak

In an press briefing event, ASIC announced their partnership with the launch of new tennis shoes called Gel-Resolution Novak for the tennis world.

These tennis shoes were launched before Australian Open 2018 event for the public. The tennis shoe range is backed by R&D of ASICS’s Institute of Sport Science(ISS). Aiscs claimed that they have made these shoes after observing and analyzing professional tennis players movements.

Keeping in the mind, these shoes are best for speed with stability for all types of tennis players. You can explore these shoes here.

What Novak Djokovic Says about his Shoes?

Asics shoes of Novak Djokovic

As stated earlier that Djokovic coordinated with the R&D team of Asics to get his desired shoes on the court. Definitely, his input has produced the best men’s tennis for court games. He has his own views about his tennis shoes. The excerpt of his saying

“ I was preferring lightweight shoes without compromising speed, but without sacrificing stability as well. I would like to have good Twistruss that gives the right rotation while playing. It is quite challenging to balance these 3 factors (Lightweight, Speed/agility/rotation, and stability), but ASICS has the best shoe technology. It appears that it has been achieved”

Novak Djokovic said 

Who should get Djokovic’s Tennis Shoes?

Those tennis players who have identified their tennis shoe requirements and know their feet. They should go for Asics court FF 2, specially experienced, expert, or professional players must give it a try.

Intermediate and beginner tennis players are advised to focus on their on-court performance rather than accessories. Although they can try these shoes but remember, shoes are just a part of the equipment, not the whole performance.

If you have purchased or planing to get Novak Djokovic’s tennis shoes, please share your experience in the comments. 

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